Hugs or Kisses?

Xs or Os? Which do you prefer?


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  • Thea

    Hugging is sweeter in my opinion, while kissing is more passionate.

  • Daiana

    AHhh i luv hugging my sweetheart feeling so close to him just wanting the moment to last longer, and never end

  • kiarah

    i think hugging because you can always kiss someone but say if your leaving or they are that one hug has to feel like your connected no matter where you go .

  • Sian

    Ia relationship i prfer isses as i hu my friends all the time. it may be because i am a huggable person bt thats me so when i am with my bf i tend to kiss more than hug shows that he means more to me than just a friend i speak to every so often where as if you dont hug people hugs are worth alot more