Is Your Student-Teacher Relationship Crossing the Line?

Aria's hot for teacher Mr. Fitz in Pretty Little Liars

Being attracted to a teacher? Sorta normal. After all, you spend quality time with them and they’re responsible for opening up your mind to new things. Most teachers (hopefully) have your best interest at heart, but we know that is not always the truth. Case in point: Inappropriate classroom flings are constantly making media headlines and popping up on TV (Aria and Mr. Fitz on PLL, anyone?). So, is your student-teacher relationship crossing the line or are you and your professor perfectly professional?

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  • Bonny

    even though i left my old school and go to a new school but an all girls high school though and it sucks balls i still like the old bald teacher he was my ex science/agriculture teacher and he knows i liked him now but he doesn’t care though lol well then shouldn’t i feel nothing about that ? it kinda makes me sad i mean ishould be happy that he doesn’t care about it but its my feelings :\

  • Jenny

    This was a funny quiz! 😛 I answered it wrong just for fun (to see the result and stuff). But I have definitely had crushes on teachers (honestly it happened OFTEN for many years) but none of it was even close to going anywhere, I don’t think the teachers had any idea whatsoever of my crushing on them.