Can Guys Be Sluts?

Do the same dating rules apply for both guys and gURLs?

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  • Sara

    Of course guys can be sluts, they just get called other names like “stud”. This has a positive connotation, unlike “slut”. So annoying.

  • kaylan

    Girls can be sluts and girls can be sluts.I mean no guy or girl can be sluttier than the other sex.

  • Ariey

    yess they can. Guys are much sluttier then girls.

  • xEmiNae

    Guys usually are sluttier. It’s just acceptable to their friends, peer group, society etc. It’s not fair, they shouldn’t get away with it.

  • Ashley

    Of course they can:) STUDS!!!

  • Cheyenne

    Guys can be sluts 🙂 MEGA sluts!