Breasts go by a ton of different names – boobs, boobies, the gURLs – but no matter what you might refer to them as, what they are and their function doesn’t change. Boobs are the upper part of your body that contain a chest wall, muscles, lobules, nipple, areola, milk duct, fatty tissue and a skin envelope. The average boob weighs 1.1 lbs and contains 4-5 percent body fat.

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  • SpontaneousGurl

    It’s not fair. No lads ever notice me. Im like a b or something. even i don’t know. Its not fair coz’ all my friends get the lads and i don’t. and no offence to the religious but i aint religious so i dont believe god did this. I also think if god was such nice hed stop suffering but shhh! this isnt about religion. Still all girls hate their bra size you have to get over it.

  • Escopeta

    Ok, so what blows my mind here are the boob stretch marks! I went from an A cup to a big-ish B, small C after pneargncy and with bf-ing. And my stretch marks were huge to me! What I want to know is, if I’ve had 10+ months to grow these suckers, why don’t women get stretch marks on implants? They grow those suckers overnight!! Argh, making babies can be so unfair ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • LouBee

    I’m convinced I’m a 34C but my mum won’t listen :/

  • Pamela

    Don’t be scared. The ccnahes of breast cancer at 15 are one in 1.3 million, or less than 0.0001%; that’s less than half your chance of being struck by lightning.The ccnahes of it occurring in both breasts at once are very, very much lower.What you are describing is normal breast development; yes, they are supposed to feel like that.Talk to your mother about this so that she can reassure you.

  • cindy

    i dont feel comfterble with my brest

  • Mizz Strawberry

    I Kinda like my boobs. Every1 tells me they are HUGE but i honestly wish they were bigger. Every1 tell me im crazi cause i want dem bigger and they already stress my shirts out a little. To be honest idk what bra size i am. I was a C-Cup at 14yrs old-15yrs old nd now idk where im at!!!! I Tried on a 38C bt it wuz way too small, so i tried a 44D nd its still have my boobs overlapping on the top and the sides so idk ima go to Victoria Secrets and Get these (B)ad (A)ss (G)urls measured.

    • Mizz Strawberry

      I have to wear 2 bras just 2 keep everythang up :/ any tips?

      • Anonymous

        Wear a spandex sports bra over a regular cupped bra, it will help.

  • Romanique

    Im a size 38b and i hate my boobs in my country (whichis jamaica) the bigger the boobs the better i just want to fit in all my friends have big boobs i also have a small figure which is also bad cuz i want to be curvy and busty :'(

  • JennyRose

    My friend and I share an account for this and she wanted me to ask what do you do when you have uneven boobs ( she has them ). She is so shy about this to her parents and she feel no one will love her because of this, any tips?

    • omg girl

      calm down i can tell u now every gurl in the entire world has un even boobs believe me {i hav them} and to be honest NO 1 notices especially boys

  • Keesh

    I love titties! Especialy mine ๐Ÿ˜€ they’re just the right size & they make me feel very confident & sexy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Missfiction

      righto sista! lolz

  • christina

    i wear a size 38 D i like the size and im used to them. the only thing i dont like is the back pain i have most of the time

  • laura

    im nearly 15 and i am completly flat chested all my friends have boobs and i want some ! i am so self concious around every one and i am not brave enough to get a boyfriend because of my flat chest, i also havent started my period :'( …………

    • Sp1r1t


    • Gabby

      heyy, really dont worry about it. After all you should be happy to not have started your period as it really hurts. I know you might wanna experience it but it really doesnt matter. You can still get a boyfriend because he shouldnt get you for your boobs or just get you so he can make you a teen mom, he should love you for who you are either if you have or havent got boobs if you have or havent gotten you period it really doesnt matter. Now you can figure out which boyfriend aactually cares about you for who you are and not for your boobs. Good luck!!

    • Emily

      You shouldn’t have to have boobs to be confident! Always remember that they aren’t everything, darling. I didn’t start my period until I was sixteen and I didn’t really start filling in until after. So don’t feel discouraged. You’ll get there. (:

  • Tatianna

    I Love BOOBIES, well I love mine anyway there nice sized not to big not to small I get complaments from girls and guys all the time heehee

  • Maria

    Eh, I used to hate my boobs because I went straight from flat chested to B. Then C, and now I’m a D, which is GREAT– but my boobs are still developing. The size is grown, but my boobs look weird :'( I just wish my boobs looked frickin NORMAL!

    • KleeM

      Normal? In my mind normal doesn’t exsist. Sure average does, but who want’s to be considered average? The things about you make you you ,and make you unigue,you are who you are and you look the way you look, embrace it(:

  • Destiny

    Well i have medium size like a B and ever1 only likes me for these girls and im only 12!!!! every1 is allways talkin’ about s………..e………….x! I wanna be cool and still be a virgin

    • omg girl

      i promise u no 1 in ur class has had SEX and there all still virgins they just try to act cool

  • Affa

    I have different problem. My boobs are too big, and not only I can’t buy any bra cheap, I have no idea what to wear to not look like there were two baloons on my chest… ๐Ÿ™

    • Missfiction

      you should feel confident in who u r lots of girls want boobies like u.

    • Dany

      Men really don’t care one way or the other, wtveeahr you have heard is incorrect. Men just like breasts in general. Men do not go out with a girl just because of a certain breast type, we are not that shallow.If your a decent girl then a guy will like you no matter what, the breasts are just an added bonus lol

  • Issie

    Well I’m 12 and I know I have nothing to worry about right now, but I’m CRAZY short 4’1 and honestly have nothing. My younger sister has more chest than me! I think my chest is growing now though gradually. I just wear a training bra to make me feel more confident.

  • Jenn

    I hate breasts! I wish they didn’t exist! I’m fairly small chested and ALWAYS ALWAYS get compared to other girls with larger breasts. ๐Ÿ™

    • JJ

      Haha…I wish breasts didn’t exist…for a different reason! I used to be small chested but now I’m not and I always get made fun of for my…melons, bowling balls, jugs, pillows, boulders – you name it! And it is a total drag to run with big breasts! They are heavy and pull down and even hurt sometimes! The grass is always greener on the other side, eh?

      • abby

        Yah and when you use sports bras sometimes they dont work unless you wear a bra under it at least you can run with smaller ones i am even ashamed to do gym.

    • justin

      it doesnt matter if you have gigantic or small breast…as long as you feel confident ’bout yourself that makes ppl notice of you

    • KleeM

      Small chested girls usually get blessed with nice features, god balances everyone out(:

    • Shaelyn

      i no wat u mean! like im not completely flat but i still get bagged and compared 2 other girls. even my friend that hasnt even got a AA cup bags me about it and im like wat u talking bout u got nothin @ all. and the thing is, ive come 2 accept them as they are (10A aussie sizes) but im still self conscious at times