Beyonce Supports the LGBT Community: “I’ve Always Connected To My Gay Fans”.

This is one gURL who is totally into gay pride.

Whether you’re into Beyonce or not, you have to admit that the singer has always come off as a pretty down-to-earth gURL despite all of her fame, and here is some more proof of that: she told PrideSource that she has always felt a major “connection” to her gay fanbase, and we think that’s pretty freakin’ awesome of her.

Beyonce revealed that her gay fans are the inspiration for her music. She said she feels like she is “one” with the LGBT community: “I have my (gay) stylists and my makeup artist, and all of their stories and the slang words I always put it in my music. We inspire each other. Like I said, we’re one.”

She added, “If anyone is brave and true to themselves, it’s my gay fans. The amount of confidence and fearlessness it takes to do what maybe is not what your parents expect you to do or what society may think is different – to be brave and be different and be to yourself – is just so beautiful. It’s the most beautiful thing you can be, and it’s what we all want to be at the end of the day. And not worrying about satisfying or becoming what other people think you’re supposed to be, that’s like the ultimate dream – to just be that brave.”

It’s always great to hear celebrities support the LGBT community, and we love how  Beyonce’s gay fans inspire her music. WDYT, gURLs? Does this this make you think differently of Beyonce? If you’re gay or lesbian, do you appreciate what she’s said? Discuss below!

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  • roy

    You refused my comment as its too godly and will encourage people to live godly,committed,blessed,clean lives.

    • Del

      Thank GOD that your comment wasnt posted!! So, is that “godly” enough? Let me know when judgment day comes, i want to be present when your record is read before God.

  • Schae

    I agree with what everyone else says. The thing I have to say in response to that, however, is that suicide and self-mutilation isn’t exactly taken seriously. The reason it’s being taken seriously by the gay community is that it’s because they’re gay. I’m bisexual, I have cut myself for almost ten years now, and made the attempt to kill myself, but none of that was due to the fact that I was bi. It was due to low self-esteem, but every time I tried to reach out and find someone who could help me out and make me feel better, I just got told that I was selfish/childish/immature/weak/etc.

    The problem isn’t the fact that “gays are the only people being bullied.” It’s that most suicidal or depressed people are not taken seriously. We are seen as weak or selfish. As long as the world continues to see non-gay depressed kids as selfish, they will not strive to help them out.

    Bullying, negative comments, and hurtful things need to stop altogether. Doesn’t matter if you gay, straight, bi, transgender, black, white, short, tall, fat, thin, emo, gangster. Whatever. It needs to stop. I think it’s marvelous that they’re already starting with one group. Now, it needs to be spread throughout all the “cliques” and “groups” out there.

  • kayla

    Why are people only defending gays that are being bullied? They aren’t the only ones. It’s actually beginning to become a Hollywood trend to stand up for homosexual teens. Though it is unbelievably messed up for someone to be bullied for something like sexual preference, there are so many more kids being bullied for being “fat”, “ugly”, “losers”, “wannabes”, “sluts”, or even sillier things. Do not get me wrong, I support gay rights all the way, and I do support the efforts being put in to stop kids from being bullied for it, but we need to help the other kids. Though the “It Gets Better” programs do apply to most people being picked on, it needs to be expanded.

    Another thing is, what do you mean “gay fan base”? I’m tired of everyone acting like gays are their own species. Would anyone ever say “I feel like I have a connection to my straight fan base”? Nope. I do understand the whole “being your true self” thing. But shouldn’t that apply to EVERYONE? So many kids are being bullied for being weird, like most of the “emo” and “nerd” cliques (let’s face it, every school has cliques). Gays are just people. They aren’t superheroes. And they definently aren’t sinners that are going to hell. They are just every day people.

    By the way, this is coming from someone who’s sister (who is also my best friend) is a lesbian. She honestly agreed with most of what I said.

    • Kiarra

      II honestly agree. I don’t mind the gay community. It’s their life not mines. But the media needs to pay attention to other kids who aren’t gay, but are just being bullied on the way they look. So yeah, it’s nice to have a foundation for gays getting bullied, but there are also kids getting bullied everyday just by the way they look, dress, speak, and where they come from. But I totally agree with you.

      • Del

        Why dont you start one for THOSE kids then? Come on, u can do it!!! Be the change that you want to see. That way, there will be a support group for all kids and teens. Let us know how it turns out?