Applying To College

The SAT used to stand for the Scholastic Aptitude Test, but now doesn’t stand for anything, and is just called the SAT Test or the SAT. It has three sections: reading, math and writing. Reading and math are multiple choice, while the writing section is in the form of essays. The test takes about 4 hours to complete, and a perfect score is a 2400.

If you decide to take the SAT, get ready to shell out some bucks. College Board can charge you to cancel your scores, to send your scores out to more than four schools, to receive your scores by phone — even to see the answers after you took the test! Unfortunately, even if you decide to kiss off College Board by taking the ACT, you’ll still have to deal with them for AP tests, SAT II (subject) tests, and if you decide to go to grad school, the GRE. Fortunately, financial aid is available for the tests, and your school might help you out as well. Be in contact with your school’s guidance counselor, because they’ll have the best information for you on how to get either financial aid, or extended time on the tests due to learning disabilities.

Wondering about the ACT? Click on!

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  • Emily

    Wow.I didnt know half of this stuff. Miss University: 101 Tips on How to Keep Your Tiara While Getting Through College is a great book to read for tips on college. 🙂

  • Taylor

    No, it won’t all be worth it and the bureaucratic process burns one out until they lose their passion for learning and pursuing their major.
    And you completely skipped how to apply for financial aid.