Applying To College

Standardized Tests: This comes down to one basic choice. SAT or ACT? Some opt for neither, some both. While we have heard stories of people getting into excellent colleges without a standardized test score, most schools require it. So we think you probably should get your pencils out and sharpened. By the time you’re applying for colleges, you should have already taken the PSAT, which is an exam meant to prepare you for the SAT. You can technically take the PSAT at any time, but College Board, the test administrators, only offer scholarships to eleventh graders taking the test. You may also wish to take SAT II subject tests, which can test subjects (like foreign languages) not found on the SAT or ACT. (Having a good AP or SAT II foreign language score can get you out of many college language requirements.) The SAT is the more widely-known test, but many feel the ACT is a better judge of college preparedness, especially since it has a science section — something the SAT lacks.

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  • Emily

    Wow.I didnt know half of this stuff. Miss University: 101 Tips on How to Keep Your Tiara While Getting Through College is a great book to read for tips on college. 🙂

  • Taylor

    No, it won’t all be worth it and the bureaucratic process burns one out until they lose their passion for learning and pursuing their major.
    And you completely skipped how to apply for financial aid.