Applying To College

The Common Application: Many schools now accept the common application. Found at, this is a general application that is accepted by a number of different colleges across the United States. The common app is accepted by public, private, Ivy League and NCAA division I schools. Be aware of one thing: There is the “common” part of the application that remains for all schools, but each school you apply to will have its own unique supplement to the application. So if you’re thinking about using the common app to get out of writing essays… sorry.

Schools have said they do not differentiate between applications submitted via common app and applications submitted via the school’s application process, so it can make your job a lot easier to have everything in one place.

Now that you’ve figured out what schools you’re applying to, and how to apply, it’s time to get out those Scantron sheets and read up on the standardized tests.

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  • Emily

    Wow.I didnt know half of this stuff. Miss University: 101 Tips on How to Keep Your Tiara While Getting Through College is a great book to read for tips on college. 🙂

  • Taylor

    No, it won’t all be worth it and the bureaucratic process burns one out until they lose their passion for learning and pursuing their major.
    And you completely skipped how to apply for financial aid.