Applying To College

Picking Schools: You’ve seen those giant , 10-lb. books listing colleges across the country. It’s daunting to actually crack one of those open and start reading but before you even get your college guide, there’s a few things you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to be in a city? In a rural area? In the suburbs? In a “college town”?
  • Are you solely interested in academics? Or is your social life important as well? If you love to study, you don’t want to accidentally end up at a party school, and vice versa.
  • How do you feel about fraternities and sororities?
  • How much do you want to pay?
  • How far away from home are you willing to go?

By thinking about these questions, you can begin to narrow down your college choices. Let’s say that you want to be in a big city, in a school with strong academics but a good social scene…and sororities aren’t really you’re thing. NYU or BU might be your best bet. If you want more school spirit, try USC. More studying? University of Chicago. Figure out what you want first, then see if the school measures up.

Okay, so you’ve got a list of potential schools…now what?

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  • Emily

    Wow.I didnt know half of this stuff. Miss University: 101 Tips on How to Keep Your Tiara While Getting Through College is a great book to read for tips on college. 🙂

  • Taylor

    No, it won’t all be worth it and the bureaucratic process burns one out until they lose their passion for learning and pursuing their major.
    And you completely skipped how to apply for financial aid.