How Do I Convince My BF To Wear A Condom During Sex?

Practicing safe sex is a must.

Hey Heather ,

When me and my boyfriend have sex I really encourage him to use a condom because I don’t wanna take any chances on anything. He’ll wear one for a little bit and then wants to take it off. Don’t get me wrong.. it feels GREAT without one, and he knows not to “cum” in me and he doesn’t. But how could I convince him to use and KEEP one on during sex ?

Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t like wearing condoms during sex because they think sex feels better without one. And while that might be true for some guys, it doesn’t make it any safer to have sex without any protection. So it’s great that you realize the importance of wearing a condom and keeping it on for the entire duration of sex.

Just because he doesn’t come inside of you doesn’t mean there isn’t still a risk of getting pregnant, especially if you’re not on any kind of birth control. Guys let out pre-cum during sex, and while that may seem so small that you usually don’t even notice it, it’s still enough to get you preggers. The ‘Pulling out’ method, which it seems is what you’re doing, is definitely not a form of birth control and should never be used as one. Also, were you and your boyfriend tested before you started having sex? Unless you know for sure that he doesn’t have any STD’s, you’re still at risk of getting one from him when you don’t use a condom.

These are the kinds of things you need to remind your boyfriend about. It’s really easy for guys, or anyone for that matter, to get lost in the heat of the moment and forget about the consequences, so talk to him before you start hooking up. Tell him that while you love having sex and being intimate with him, you can’t keep doing it without a condom. If he doesn’t think it’ll feel as good, try experimenting with different condoms, like ones that heat up or have lube on them. They’re made with his pleasure in mind.

Wearing a condom is a different feeling that he’ll have to get used to. If he’s not willing to do that to protect both of you, then he isn’t worth risking your well-being for.

WDYT, gURLs? Has your BF ever refused to wear a condom? Any advice? Share your stories and advice below. take care, heather What’s on your mind? Heather can help! Send her your question at

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  • Elizabeth

    They make condoms for women. So if your man doesn’t want to wear one.
    then keep him happy and you wear one. The only con of women condoms is that they move, squeak, and can be uncomfortable.

  • Angello

    Hi. I am with my bf for 1 year and 6 months .Its bee like a year since we r having anal sex ,but we had never tried it in vagina. I was virgin untill one day when by accident during anal sex dick got into my vigana. I ve been crying and was very sad so was he .we didnt plan it to be this way , and we wanted to do it first time after we marry .He said that he wont push on me and we can start having sexual contacts only when i ll want it . I didnt really plan to keep having sex but since that accident happened my bf got changed , hes always getting mad cuz i dont wanna have pussy sex , and when i am telling him that this cuz am scared of getting prenant hes laughing at me and saying that he wont cum inside and then theres no possibility of pregnancy but i am still scared and i would like using condoms cuz i heard it possible to get pregnant from precum but my bf keep telling me that this is a bullshit . I have told him that am ready do it with but only with condoms but he refuses to wear one , he says then in this case he doesnt wanna have sex at all . i dont know what to do??how can i make him wear condom and try to understand me a little ?:((

  • Puleng

    My boyfriend and i didn’t use a condom when we first had sex and luckily i didn’t get pregnant bt now i dont want to take any how do i convince him that next time we should use it because im too young to be a mother?help

  • dalia

    i always used a condom the first time i didnt wear one i got prego . . .please use one i dont regret having my baby boy but the father isnt present in his life and u dont want to go through that. so WEAR ONE!!! be extra safe.

  • Nikki

    While you don’t want to be too harsh about it, it’s hard to be up front at the same time, and I understand. It is very pleasurable, and normal, to want to do it without a condom, but he doesn’t seem to understand your worries. I agree with Heather, sit him down outside the bedroom, and tell him your feelings. If he insists that it’s not important, invest in some female condoms. They’re harder to find, but they go in the woman, not on the man. If he insists on pulling it out and going without, then he may not care if you get pregnant. The best thing to do is just be honest with him, and if he refuses to compromise, he may not be worth your time. I realize that may be a little harsh, but he needs to respect your wishes, too.

  • ashley

    well i am not experienced but i would tell him he can pick it out and everything but u wont have sex with him if he doesnt wear one. he may not understand how its like to be pregnant and that its always a possibility that u can get pregnant if he doesnt wear a MAKE him wera one.

  • Adele

    make it fun tell him he can pick out the brand and the style! but let him know that you wont go any farther with him unless he has one on.

  • jacqueline

    well you dont wanna get pregnant so tell him to use one

  • Sarah

    You should really get him to wear one. Tell him he loved you a lot and wanted to continue having sex, he has to wear one. It’s extremely dangerous to not wear one and you do NOT want to end up like one of those girls from 16 & Pregnant! Good luck 🙂

  • alex

    tell him tht if he doesnt then it is over. plan and simple cause u dont want 2 get pregnant
    good luck girl lov ya