22 Awesome Harry Potter Things On Etsy

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

We know three wizards who could use a smile...

We <3 Etsy. What’s better for handmade, vintage and all-around unique goodness?

Also awesome: As anyone who has ever seen Regretsy knows, there is some weird stuff out there — not that we’re dissing anyone’s work!

As total Harry Potter freaks lovers, we appreciate some good fan art. So, in anticipation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (yes, it’s actually over this timeor is it?), we’re showing you 22 downright cool HP things from Etsy.

Scroll on to see some of Etsy’s besties!

Butterbeer Organic Sugar Scrub

We always wished we could drink butter beer... and then we saw rawolive's scrub. Now we just want to cover our bodies in it, thankyouverymuch.

Enchanted Golden Snitch Watch Necklace

Not only does this jewelry from oldjunkyardboutique actually work, you can snatch it up (har har har) for only $29.99.

Carry A Wand Shirt

The best "Keep Calm and Carry On" parody ever comes from orenjinotaiyou.

Magical Exploding Frog Soap

Clearly with us in mind, HowardsHome made a bath bomb whose guts foam up and bubble out of the frog and turn red when placed in hot water. Sexxxy.

Bottle Cap Necklaces

Recycled goodness from meme52.

Snape Earrings

Love him or hate him, iconicearrings lets ya wear ol' Snapey on your ears.

Custom Painted Sneakers

AyinX is selling these beauts in all sizes.

Muggle Born Baby Gift Set

Step 1: Give this geeklingdesigns set to a baby.

Step 2: Send us pics ASAP.

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Munchkinzmomma writes:

"Are you missing out on the perfect bit of Harry Potter Geekery? Has every witch and wizard on the block received their Hogwarts letter and your little sister/brother/cousin is still waiting on the owl? Is your aunt a squib? Or, is your mum a Muggle? Here at Munchkinzmomma, we don't judge! The blood status of your loved ones (or you, if you are buying yourself a well-deserved present) doesn't matter to us in the slightest."

Make Love Not Horcruxes Necklace

We thank thetnpreacherswife for inspiring this quote: "If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love. If there are two, it is hilarious puns."

Amortentia Love Potion Necklace

We're not telling you to use EnchantedWonderland's potion on your crush... but we're not not telling you either.

Potion Sets

lostrealm has created potion bottles for everything from Acromantula Venom to Wolfsbane. Genius.

Silver Necklace Potion Bottles

More potion goodness! This one's from tinytongue.

Night Night Don't Let the Basilisk Bite Button

Creepy and awesome from skycouture.

Mandrake Plant

You can thank Jtnee for letting you shriek the night away.

Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare Necklace

Fact: If Hermione was real, she would so be on gURL and wear this necklace from trophies.

Quibbler Journal

Oh, and so would Luna Lovegood! She'd dish all of the latest Quibbler gossip from DiagonAlley.

Ron Weasley Birthday Card

From gretchyisadinosaur, this handmade card is cuter than Ron himself (maybe?!).

Ron Weasley Charm Bracelet

Also for Ron lovers: The ultimate fan bracelet (it even has a pic of Scabbers!) courtesy of islandgirlzjewelry.

I'd Be Sleazy For George Weasley Button

And CustomCuriosities has you naughty George gURLs covered, too.

Save a Broom, Ride a Quidditch Player Sticker

Okay, CustomCuriosities. You win.

My Wizard Can Beat Up Your Vampire Greeting Card

*Ahem* HesedBooksAndGifts is just sayin'.

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  • LoonyLuna

    Omgggggggg harry potter is my whole life, I adore all 8 of the films and book, I even collect the character figures and all of the objects in the series, I’m a super proud fan! 😀 HARRY POTTER IS THE BEST THING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF TIME!!!!

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  • samantha

    Made me laugh so hard. <3

  • emily

    OMG HARRY POTTER!!!!! I LOOOOOVE HARRY POTTER!!!! mad props to all theses ppl

    • chelsie

      I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!! 😀

  • skipperz

    I simply adore all of the items above…I wish I was able to purchase some of these things 🙁
    But they gave me some cool ideas to handmake my own Harry Potter merch!

  • Caitlin

    Ahhh! All of this is sooo cool! Mad props to the people who made these! <3

  • Brenda

    Yay, I’m glad this series is FINALLY over ’cause pirates r going to shoshbuckle them to death!

    • Roxy

      You are insane to want the series to be over because it’s the BEST and pirates are lame!!

    • miranda

      get a life! harry potter is 50x sexier than any pirate will ever b ya homo!

  • jenaye

    luv this have a ronderful day teehee