Reader Confession: He Tried to Buy My Tampons…

Uh...scented or unscented?

Guys do a lot of cute things for their gURLs to make us feel special. But how far would your sweetie go to help you out? Would he venture into the tampon aisle for you? Sparkygrl7‘s guy sure would. She shared her story (and his embarrassing moment) in our Boards.

“My boyfriend has bought me tampons. He’s too cute though. I told him him before he left what kind to get. Then he calls me from the store all frustrated because there’s scented and unscented of Tampax, but Kotex was on sale, so maybe he should get those, or should he get the cardboard kind because they’re better for the environment- but then those ones weren’t on sale, so he has no idea what to do. Lol.

I heard a lady in the background trying to help him and he was like “No, no, no. I can do this on my own, I swear.”

Have you ever had your sweetie buy tampons for you? Did they succeed or did it end in laughter? Discuss. 

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  • Marisa

    awww, hes so sweet 🙂

  • Angel.

    lolz that’s so kute!

  • yunsaf

    awww soo sweet <3

  • Vada

    My dad always picks up pads and tampons for my ma and me. One time, I woke up one morning and, surprise! period here. I was freaking out because we were out of pads, so my dad ran off to the store since my mom was asleep. I was standing at the bus stop and my dad drives by and throws a pad out of the window. I then proceeded to run into my friends house to put it on. The funny thing is, my dad is better at buying pads and deodorant than my mom because ma and I don’t like the same things. Pretty hilarious.

  • Chelby

    I asked my boyfriend if he’d buy them for me and he said of course! I would never ask him to but its nice knowing he cares enough to do that x)

  • Anonymous

    Omg that’s so sweet! Once my dad did the same for me.. He called me and he was freaking out too because he had no idea about which pads to buy! He said that there was one type with like little sleeves lol! When he fianlly got them and was in line to pay, a lady asked her if those where for him lol, he said it was an awful joke since he was blushing so much! Haha I love him!!

  • ElizabethIrene

    Thats Hilarious

  • Kharaline

    I was talking to another gURL once and a boy walked up and just heard PADS and ran away. I tried to get my brother to buy pads for me and he just said, “Cant you use a towel or something?” Your lucky!

  • Ashley

    Aww thats so sweet, my boyfriend would never do that lol.

  • Ashlee

    Guys who really care would do it for u thats sweet!

  • Crystal

    Thats soooooo cute. I wonder if my boyfriend would do that for me???

  • Kiara

    This is honestly the best thing I have every read in my life 🙂

  • Elise

    That’s about the sweetest thing I’ve heard(:
    My bf always complains about how he would never
    and I say, “What if I can’t go?” Lol cute

  • Allegra

    Wow, he must really care about you if he’s *attempting* to buy you tampons…by my experience, most men will run for their lives if you mention such things. Once I was out grocery shopping with my parents and my dad actually half-RAN AWAY when my mom and I started discussing the pros and cons of various brands of pads and tampons!

  • sabrina

    That is so sweet! I’ve been trying to get my bf to do that for me..

  • Christie

    I don’t think I’ve ever asked him to be honest…..we go shopping together most of the time. If i really needed him to go do it. I would probably write it down for him or text it to him so he would know.

  • Meg

    Whenever my guy had to run to the store for something like that, I would give him the package of the empty container to take with him. Never had a single issue with the wrong product.

  • Sara

    Awww! That’s so cute 😀

  • Taylor

    Hahaha, that is too sweet! You have one amazing guy there, you know he really loves you if he will go to the store for tampons for you. 😀

  • daria

    hahaha i decided when im older my husband will do the shopping andhave to buy them for me. teehee