Reader Confession: He Tried to Buy My Tampons…

Uh...scented or unscented?

Guys do a lot of cute things for their gURLs to make us feel special. But how far would your sweetie go to help you out? Would he venture into the tampon aisle for you? Sparkygrl7‘s guy sure would. She shared her story (and his embarrassing moment) in our Boards.

“My boyfriend has bought me tampons. He’s too cute though. I told him him before he left what kind to get. Then he calls me from the store all frustrated because there’s scented and unscented of Tampax, but Kotex was on sale, so maybe he should get those, or should he get the cardboard kind because they’re better for the environment- but then those ones weren’t on sale, so he has no idea what to do. Lol.

I heard a lady in the background trying to help him and he was like “No, no, no. I can do this on my own, I swear.”

Have you ever had your sweetie buy tampons for you? Did they succeed or did it end in laughter? Discuss. 

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  1. avatarLol says:

    One time I was trying on lingerie and I started leeking my boyfriend had to get me pads from the store and then had to buy the lingerie but we had fun later the week;)

  2. avatarcaitlyn says:

    Me and my hubby are almost 2 years togehter. Last week I didn’t had the money to buy me some tampons, I told him but not with the idee that he must buy me some. He told me after his test he will pick me up from school and we can go and buy me some. #thatsmysweety ♥

  3. avatarGiselle says:

    my BF’s a sweetie. once he just sprang up to get the tampons (maybe he didn’t want me to leak and get embarrassed!).

  4. avatarcaitlyn says:

    my boyfriend would totally get me tampons if i needed them! lol nobody should ever feel uncomfortable running errands for one another. it isn’t really a big deal to run those kind of errands for your significant other. it just shows how much you care for the other ((:

  5. avatarsexy baby 101 says:

    my bf is a sweety
    he would go to the store and buy me anything
    off subject i asked my mom for a new razor cuz mine was dull and i went to take a shower and theres my dad knocking on the door with a pink razor lol ;)

  6. avatarBella says:

    All the time! My BF is such a good sport and gets it right all the time. He’s learned so much about what I like and what my preferences are! Love your story though, so funny! Guys can really make you laugh sometimes :)

  7. avatarHelen says:

    Ugh. It shouldn’t be some big, special deal that your boyfriend goes to buy you tampons, he should be okay with running errands for you and whatnot.

  8. avatarXavier says:

    Never let a man do a woman’s job.
    One time my dad bought me some pads, but he got panty liners, (heck they were comfy and held good, but I’m still heavy myself)

  9. avatarBrook says:

    awww so cute yet so weird

  10. avatarnatz says:

    yeh, i stayed at his house and i started my period one night and i had pains and he said i’ll get you some stuff in the morning babes’ soo sweet

  11. avatarmermaiddreams16 says:

    Lol luv it if i asked my crush (if we were 2gether) hed probly say somthing random like my cat barfed…by;)

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