Mila Kunis Doesnt Have Friends With Benefits IRL

Mila Kunis

Mila KunisNext week, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake‘s new movie Friends With Benefits will hit theaters. But just because Mila plays a FWB, that doesn’t mean she’s ever actually been one herself.

And she doesn’t want one, either.

According to Mila told GQ, “I can give you my stance on it: It’s like communism—good in theory, in execution it fails. Friends of mine have done it, and it never ends well. Why do people put themselves through that torture?”

What do you gURLs think? Do you agree with Mila Kunis, or do you think a friends with benefits relationship can work? Discuss!

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  • Stephanie

    I’m for it. I actually have a friend with benefits, and I love him to death. I’m cool with us being just friends and I love hooking up with him. I have so much fun with him and we get along great, he’s the sweetest guy I know. Yeah, it works.

  • Kendraaaaa

    friends w/benefits only creates disaster in my mind.

    b/c if the girl get attached to the guy… i don’t think the guy is gonna care to much about the girl’s feelings. All he is concerned about is getting some vagina… and knowing she’s gonna do it.

    That doesn’t sound healthy.

    and what about STD’S AND unwanted pregnancies? Does that come into mind when someone is getting their freak on? Lol.

    Just wondering.


    No, friends with benefits does not worry, but what gURLs don’t understand is, love comes with sex.

  • opie

    Frankly Mila Kunis doesn’t need friends with benefits, it would benefit the other side way more than her (lol). Basically yes, I am saying ”she’s not a loser as she’s great enough to get something real”.

  • Hannah

    I have a fwb and its great you feel comfortable with them and its just so easy and besides everyone needs to ‘get theirs’ every now and then…dont see a problem with it at all…just depends on the people involved, the worst thing to do would be to get too involved. It wouldnt work for many but it does for me.

  • Becca

    Seeing as I currently have my first “fwb” ever, I suppose my view isn’t as reliable, but here goes nothing. A “fwb” is a great option for someone who doesn’t want to tie themselves down to one person; it’s very relaxed & laid back (or at least it should be). To keep it relaxed, it’s best if other people don’t know about what’s going on between you and said friend (it’s just a general rule). Not only that, but it’s best if you know what will get you attached to someone and what won’t. Example– I refuse to have sex with my guy friend, because I know my emotions will become involved ESPECIALLY because I’m technically a virgin (and I plan to keep it that way until I find someone special). And by the way, sex is not a requirement for a “fwb” relationship. But yeah, that’s my view 🙂

    • opie

      have you had sex? if you’ve had sex you’re not a virgin

  • N/A

    Friends with benefits i dont know bout anybody else but that sounds still like a boyfriend or a girlfriend even if you put another title on it and both agree on/to things.

    • kelly

      its not a boyfriend because you are not exclusive and you are under no pressure to do anything or to tell people about it.

  • Lala

    me and my best friend are FWB and it doesnt make anything wrong. as a matter of fact, it makes our friendship alot more comfortable. being best friends that are of the opposite sex can be awkward all by itself but the FWB thing counteracts that. I can talk to him about any kind of body issues (hes seen me naked after all), we share food and drinks with each other (if you kiss, then you’ve already shared germs) and laying all over each other when watching tv and movies isnt weird either. the only rule we have is that whenever one of has a boyfriend/girlfriend, the sex has to stop cuz we both dont believe in cheating.

    • kelly

      thats the same situation i am in and i love it. it is relaxing and a huge confidence booster and i really dont see anything wrong with it considering i have been in this fwb for 2 years and we have both dated people and continued being friends we just stopped having sex and neither one of us have gotten hurt.

    • Ary

      that is the exact same thing for me except well….. we havent seen eachother naked ”YET” but um the only wierd thing is that he is a freshman and i am a 8th grader

  • Kat

    I’m one of those gurls who can turn off her emotional side when it comes to sex but that’s all the relationship can be for me not to get attached. I had a FWB but it didn’t work because we weren’t just having sex, we were hanging out and being, well, friends. Being friends meant that I was emotionally involved and adding sex to the equation, although at the moment was just for physical gratification, would later add to the emotional attachment, making the friend status much more personal. Even my FWB admitted after we decided to stop hooking up that he was getting warm fuzzy feelings. It doesn’t work for long because you can’t combine friendship and sex without starting to feel feelings for each other.

  • Friends with benefits can b kool but it can b full of shit too. i feel tht if ur gonna have just a sexual relationship with that guy keep it between u and him. also try not to catch feelings expecially if he just want to keep it strickly sex and being friends. keep drama out of it…smh itz a mess when drama get into it. so i would say itz okay without a whole lot a mess involved.

  • Steph

    I know right?
    It’s unfortunate, too.
    Mila Kunis is such a great actress.
    She deserves a movie worth seeing.