“Ugly” gURLs on TV

who you calling ugly?

Ever watch an ‘ugly’ character on TV and think, “Hey, that gURL is still prettier than me?”

Yeah, it’s annoying. The writers, stylists and make-up artists can try all they want, but we’re not convinced for a second that all of these gURLs are supposed to be anything but drop dead gorgeous.

Click on and take a look through the ladies who aren’t fooling us.

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  1. avatar fruitypebbles says:

    ericarage i totally agree with you i was watching a movie called ‘once upon a song’ witth Lucy Hale and she played and ugly geeky girl but even when she wore makeup that make her look ugly it couldn’t mask her ugliness. to be honest she looked gourgeous in that movie.

  2. avatar lalala says:

    Jess isn’t supposed to be unnatractive!! She’s adorable, but extremely immature haha :)

  3. avatar ericarage says:

    TV ugly isn’t real ugly. Hello? That’s why it’s television. Nothing about it is real. Those girls are absolutely beautiful. Even as “ugly” girls.

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