Maci, Farrah and Catelynn: Think Being a Teen Mom is Easy? “Come Live With Us!”

Farrah got real with us!

The stars of MTV’s Teen Mom  sat down with gURL to chat about the new season, having sex as a teen, and how their now-toddlers are testing the boundaries. Some people say raising a child is easy? They say think again.

Watch the video below:

The new season of Teen Mom airs Tuesdays at 10 on MTV! What do you think? Are you gURLs excited about the new season of Teen Mom? Can you relate to their stories? Discuss!

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  • Max

    I was a teen mother and found msylef at 23 with three children and in an abusive relationship. I stayed for so long thinking that I was doing the right thing by my children. I realised as I started to grow up that there was no future for us in that life and I was causing harm to my children by staying. I eventually left and started fulfilling my dreams of becoming a journalist. I am currently studying and juggling being a single parent to three beatuiful boys. I have never been happier, at times though i sit and reflect on what life would have been like if I didnt have a child so young. What life could i have provided for my children if i had waited. Caitlyn i think you made the right decision for you at the time and thats all that matters. You have given Carly an opportunity to live life in a good family home with no drama or abuse. The greatest gift any parent can give their child is to provide a life and a home free of negativity. I cry everytime I watch the show because I was once a teen mum and know first hand the struggles all of you girls have to go through. Life does get better though and through making better choices we all grow to live with what life threw at us and excel in everything we do because no matter what happens, you have already experienced a lifetime of lessons.

  • baby5515

    i feel so bad for them having to deal with all the teen mom stuff, but it also probably sucks because everyone all over the place gets to see it.

  • Sweetgurl

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