Reader Confession: I Let My Dog Go Down There!

This gURL says she feels like a “freak”:

“When I was younger, we had a dog that would sleep in my room, so she was always there when I changed clothes and stuff. One day, I was rubbing my clit and the dog started licking me there. It felt really good and she didn’t really stop so I let her do it! I actually tried to get her to eat me out multiple times after that. I swear, at the time, I didn’t really know what I was doing!”

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  • Maci

    I do the same thing. My dog likes it and it feels SSOOO good. I always feel wrong after but I don think it’s really hurting anything

    • Not Important

      i want to talk yo you

  • G


  • you’re gross

    no. dogs do not do it for fun or for sex. they have a chemical that makes them stimulated. they want to make their owner happy. just like a small child would want a pedophile to be happy. since maybe one child didn’t fight back and willingly fucked a grown man, it’s not rape? I mean they were naive but they were okay with it, so it’s not bad right? wrong. you guys only think this is fucking okay because dogs don’t have the ability to realize it’s abuse the way kids grow up and learn. fuck you disgusting fucks. you guys are justifying abuse.

  • jackie

    Some people say is cruel to have sex with an animal how can it be my dog was always sniffing every body’s arse in the family nobody forced it, one day when we were alone I was sat on an armchair and he stuck his head up my skirt and started licking my vagina through my knickers so I took them off and reised my knees up to make it easy he licked my vagina and my anus, he certainly enjoyed it as I did , how is that cruel, somebody justify cruelty when he was enjoying it.

  • ryne

    I see a lot of people posting stuff about dogs being like kids, or that it’s abuse. Dogs are animals, they were bred from wolves and every spring they’d fight for dominance in order to mate with the females in the pack. Dogs are no different, they’re social creatures which is why they get along with humans. They will actually lick / do other things >.> to a human female because THEY WANT TO not because they’re being forced or tricked into it because the actually enjoy doing it. The only reason people say its wrong is because human culture says its wrong, obviously if the dogs willing to do it then something in biology is letting it. (I’m a bio major with a lot of anthro and animal behavior) And as far as it being illegal, it’s not illegal in all states, and almost all states it’s not a felony.
    Most people aren’t willing to admit their curious so if you have any questions you can hit me up at justforthefunofit343 at hotmail dot com So stop using that as an excuse to bash people. You can find it morally wrong but it’s not actually hurting you or anyone else.