Reader Confession: I Let My Dog Go Down There!

This gURL says she feels like a “freak”:

“When I was younger, we had a dog that would sleep in my room, so she was always there when I changed clothes and stuff. One day, I was rubbing my clit and the dog started licking me there. It felt really good and she didn’t really stop so I let her do it! I actually tried to get her to eat me out multiple times after that. I swear, at the time, I didn’t really know what I was doing!”

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  1. avatarGarrison says:

    When I was about four yrs old my friend and my half sister were in the shed and we were looking at our body parts–the two of us had a penis and she did not! She thought that there was something wrong with her! I told her that was the way girls were ment to be! She was releived after that. But she still wanted to play with my penis–THAT WAS A RUSH!!!

  2. avatarAaron says:

    Its in the bible that you should not preform beastiality. but if you arent a christian you wouldn’t know this, i really don’t care if you do but to me its wrong. theres guys for that.

  3. avatarMJ says:

    I think if you didn’t force the dog and he wants you and you’re ok with that then have fun. Most dogs are horny as hell and would lick or mount you in a flash if given the opportunity. Actually seeing as the dog doing the licking here was a female then she probably just liked the taste or was bi…hihihi

    @ Scared, you cant be serious?

    • avatarscared says:

      ummm yeah I am scared becoz it happened many times. It feels gud but it happenes all the time, like after school im alone at home n i mastebate n then I make my lick me. Hes a big dog n sumtyms it is scary wen he climbs on me. is it bad?

      • avatarLilJenn says:

        are you okay with it? you sound real young. Let it lick you while you masturbate. Just open your lips and encourage it to lick inside. Dont be scared. It is more common than you think.
        are you a virgin or have you had sex before? Just asking, because when the dog climbs on you and humps you it will knot inside you. Do you know what a knot is? Has that happened. It takes some time to seperate but it can make you orgasm a lot.

      • avatarMG says:

        @scared. ok i know what your feeling cause i felt the same but once you let your dog mount you than its over. you can get addicted and he wont stop until he cums in you. so i say let him in your body

  4. avatarMarcy says:

    No you can’t get pregnant from a dog. I don’t do it anymore but I used to have sex with our dog from when I was 15 until age 17. It seems weird at first but if you don’t force the dog and he really wants to do it like mine did, it’s really a beautiful thing. Plus to be honest most male dogs are way better at sex than most men.

  5. avatarSara says:

    Omg I tried it because everyone was talking about it I feel so bad , it didn’t feel bad but I regret it am I a pig like is there something wrong with me will I did

  6. avatarrebekkah says:

    My frend has a huge dog. Whenever I go to her place her dog follows her into her room and when she sits down it tried to climb on her and then I can see its penis come out. I ask her why tht is happenin and she laughs. It wont leave her alone. It puts its snout between her legs and it happens so much. She told me her dog likes her and stays in her room a lot. :( :(

  7. avatarheather says:

    will u get preg if a gurl does it wit a dog?

  8. avatarLover says:

    I just lay there and my dog goes at me. He loves it and I never have to force him to do it. It feels soooooo good and I never intend to stop.

  9. avatarMax says:

    Thats not a good idea girl stop it

  10. avatarHeather says:

    I don’t think it is a big deal. As long as you are both enjoying yourselves and you feel a connection, then enjoy the love and affection!

  11. avatarmaddie says:

    it is so embarrasin everytime I go to my bfs place. He has a Labrador and I dunno why but for the last few months evrytime I go to his place the dog will follow me and wen I sit down it will push its snout between my thighs. My bf laughs and teels me tht the dog knows I am horny. Is tht true? can dogs know tht?
    and then he showed me a video where a school girl is haven sex with her dog. I was like OMG dose ths really happen.

  12. avataryour mother says:

    well in fact it is way more normal then you think it a lot of women even have sex with there dog

  13. avatarDani says:

    I did this when i was 12 once and never real thought about it . But now im older and its been a few years since that happened i feel really guilty about it. I love my pets and think animal cruelty is disgusting. I try to remember i was a confused little girl who had seen some of her brothers adult movies and was just curious , but i still cant forget.

  14. avatarDon Walker says:

    at least 10% of the total men u see everyday admire you; and all you can do is something as insipid and ridiculous as letting a dog toy with your body ?? hush.. disgusting!

    • avatarNikki says:

      No, asshole, you’re disgusting. Just because a man admires her body doesn’t mean she has to let him toy with her body. Grow up. Women’s bodies aren’t for your taking.

      • avatarno bestiality please says:

        dumb cunt says GROW UP, as she performs bestiality.

        got news for you twisted dirty cunts, bestiality is not normal.

  15. avatarVictoria says:

    It’s not bad… it actually feels pretty good. As long as you’re not forcing the animal then you’re fine.

  16. avatarJJ says:

    Thts hot af

  17. avatarClaire says:


  18. avatarFaith says:

    I don’t doubt that feels awesome I personally would just feel bad or weird doing that with my dog. But if you can do it and feel comfortable to each thier own.

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