Halloween Goes Hollywood

Halloween Goes Hollywood: The Best Celebrity Inspired Costumes

Yay! Yay! Yay! Halloween is officially almost here!!! Let the planning begin!! Why dress up as a witch or a sexy cat when you could be Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Betty White for a day (or, in the world of college, a weekend)? Check out these Halloween costume ideas inspired by the gURLs (and sometimes guys) who rocked the trends first, plus the three things you'll need to get 'em.

Sue Slyvester

Must-haves: Tracksuit, megaphone, quick wit.

Lady Gaga

Must haves: Huge shoes, confidence, a butcher

Strawberry Shortcake

Must haves: Striped tights, apron, sweeter-than-sugar personality

Taylor Momsen

Must haves: Black eyeliner, ripped tights, reckless attitude

Katy Perry

Must haves: Blue wig, whipped cream, a good appetite

Jersey Shore

Must haves: A pouf, a (fake) tan, guido sidekick


Must haves: Cape, sword, more guts than He-Man

Justin Bieber

Must haves: A hoodie, silky hair, hot mom

Easy A

Must haves: Corset, letter "A", no dignity

Lindsay Lohan

Must Haves: Red wig, SCRAM bracelet, orange jumpsuit

Teen Mom

Must haves: Baby belly, television cameras, white-trash boyfriend

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Must haves: Camoflauge, tight lips, a secret boy/gURLfriend


Must haves: Blue body paint, freakishly long braid, your own language

Nicki Minaj

Must haves: Hoop earrings, '80s lipstick, junk in tha trunk

Rachel Zoe

Must haves: Fur vest, Starbucks coffee, bananas

Willow Smith

Must haves: Whippable hair, hate for the haters, famous parents

Betty White

Must haves: White wig, old lady dress, timeless sex appeal

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