Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before & After

Celebrity gURLs Who Had Plastic Surgery -- Before & After Pics

What a wild ride Heidi Montag Pratt has had over the past few years. Since she hit the big time on The Hills, she's made some serious surgical changes.

Click on to see other celebs that went under the knife since they went in front of the camera. But don't let the collagen fool you -- the ride to beauty isn't always all smiles. Just ask Heidi.

Megan Fox, before

Once upon a time in 2004, Lindsay Lohan was on top in a movie called Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Megan Fox was just another gURL trying to make it in the biz. Don't recognize her? Click to see her transformation.

Megan Fox, after

Every guy/gURL's wet dream is actually the product of a doctor's skilled hand. This hottie got her eyes done way back when and never looked back.

Pamela Anderson, before

It's no secret that Baywatch babe Pam Anderson had some work done over the years. But she's gone a little overboard (no pun intended) as of late. Click to see her most recent face.

Pamela Anderson, after

We recognize the blonde, the boobs, the bombshell -- but when it comes to Pam's face, we're not too keen on the enhancements.

Sarah Jessica Parker, before

Carrie Bradshaw's changed a lot more than just her style since the late '90s. Click on to see what years in the biz and pressure to look fabulous all the time has done to Sarah Jessica Parker's image...

Sarah Jessica Parker, after

From afar, Ms. Parker is the picture of glamour, but up close it looks like she could use more beauty sleep and less time on the doctor's table. Could she have been dipping into Samantha's Botox?

Tara Reid, before

There was a time when Tara Reid was everyone's American Sweetheart and as fresh as a piece of American Pie, but no one can stay a perfect 10 forever...

Tara Reid, after

The plastic surgery heard 'round the world. Not even her career benefitted from all that nipping and tucking.

Fergie, before

Before she was the g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s female member of the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie was just one of a few gURLs in a band called Wild Orchid. We dig her fresh-faced look. But then...

Fergie, after

She had to sell out huge venues all around the world and grace the cover of every magazine imaginable. Who can blame a gURL for updating her look face?

Bruce Jenner, before

Stepdaughter Kim Kardashian is plastic surgery-free (that butt is not an implant), and so was Bruce at her age. But not for long...

Bruce Jenner, after

We can barely tell when he's blinking these days. Maybe the sudden surge in camera time forced him to go under the knife an extra 10 times.

Donatella Versace, before

When fashion is your life, it's important to look your best at all times. Donatella Versace was a real stunner back in the day. Nowadays...

Donatella Versace, after

She should adopt the "less is more" attitude when it comes to her face.

Cher, before

With Sonny on her arm, Cher's life was picture-perfect. What did the pressure of Hollywood due to her look? Click to see...

Cher, after

She's trying to turn back time here.

Courtney Love, before

Courtney Love's look has never been one we'd like to adopt, but...

Courtney Love, after

This one is just un-Hole-y.

Janice Dickinson, before

When you're the first supermodel ever, you've gotta keep up your image. But we did not have this in mind for Janice Dickinson...

Janice Dickinson, after

Maybe Janice got so used to working with designers that she thought she could hire a doctor to design her a whole new look?

Lil Kim, before

Young, semi-innocent Lil Kim. We miss you so...

Lil Kim, after

It's hard to keep up appearances when your peak was a sequined nipple pasty. We get it.

Carrot Top, before

Carrot Top never had trouble standing out, so why'd he have to go under the knife? Click to see what we mean...

Carrot Top, after

He went from the funny clown look to the scary nightmare clown look.

Ashlee Simpson, before

Living in the shadow of her beautiful and talented sister was a lot for Ashlee Simpson to handle as a teen. So she decided to...

Ashlee Simpson, after

...go under the knife. In one of the most dramatic and also shockingly amazing transformations, we barely remember Ashlee pre-plastic. Just like we've almost forgotten her lip-syncing fiasco.

Tori Spelling, before

No one can be forever young, not even the cast of 90210. There's a new class now, and Tori Spelling has a new...

Tori Spelling, after

...face. It seems that the more camera time celebs get, the more surgeries they want. Interesting...

Meg Ryan, before

We were smitten with Meg Ryan's innocent, girl-next-door look in the '90s. She was the perfect leading lady. We even considered chopping off our hair to look like her!

Meg Ryan, after

Then she went under the knife and we were confused. What happened to growing old with someone, like her characters always preached? Ugh. Read her collagen-filled lips -- they're saying "too.much.surgery."

Ashley Tisdale, before

Blonde as Sharpay in High School Musical or brunette in her everyday life, Ashley Tisdale definitely loves to change up her look. But she took it to the extreme when...

Ashley Tisdale, after

... she got rhinoplasty -- and claimed it was because of her "deviated septum!" But we'll hand it to her -- her nose looks great!

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  • haylo

    It’s just a matter of choice. As long as you’re happy, who the hell cares?

  • angie

    she looked better before. it was more natural she now looks too fake. she ruined her face.

  • lakeisha

    They were so much beautiful before. All of them, it just shows what people will do to fit in and meet the standards of being an unrealistic ms perfect.

  • robert shepard jr


    • robert shepard jr

      eva,you say every girl has some feature she shields or is self=concious of?..i agree i don’t know you but if i were to tell you …EVA…I WILL PAY TO HAVE ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR BODY,OR APPEARANCE,YOU PERSONALLY FEEL IS SUB-STANDARD…would you feel insulted that i would think you so vain..or would you say ..thank you ..and begin preparing your list for the surgeons to prepare their options ?

    • Eva

      No, I would not say thank you. At all. It’s not a question of money… if anyone ever offered to pay for me to have surgery I would be insulted, yes. And a ‘list’? I would never have one surgery let alone a ton of them! And it’s not just about vanity either, it’s about YOU thinking that I want to improve my body to please YOU, to please everybody by having bigger breasts and a smaller nose and a poofier face. I’m never going to try to look like a model ‘cos guess what, they are all altered with Photoshop and have unhealthy diets. I don’t want to be this decade’s idea of a woman.

      You seem to think that all women would have surgery if it was free. Wrong.

      And I don’t know why you used caps… I didn’t get an email saying someone replied to my comment on this. I only checked out of curiosity.

  • robert shepard jr

    anyone with the means and desire to alter their appearance for better or worse according to your point of view can be either right or horribly wrong …fortunately they don’t act on your whims…only their own..therefore whether you approve or not..it doesn,t matter…if you don,t approve ..[you know what you can do..right?]

  • Danay

    some of those pics, you cant tell the difference….some of those pics, the “after” shot looks better. I think gURL needs to try a little harder next time and stop sounding so bitchy. yes, you should accept yourself for yourself but also, we cant judge other people for their choices.

  • Eva

    I don’t think that plastic surgery is something to be lauded. “Who can blame a gURL for updating her look face?” I can!

    If you’ve had an accident and want some surgery, fine, but to do it just for vanity is obscene. It’s a waste of money, has risks, and just enforces the view that women are objects that need to be moulded into ‘what every guy wants’. Every girl, at some point or another, feels inadequate or unpretty or that they weigh too much, but that doesn’t mean that you should hop under the knife!

    And to make it worse, it doesn’t even look good. It makes your skin pale and sweaty and stretched, it just looks unnatural. It doesn’t make sense either, as men will always prefer something natural and unaltered. Sure, they might like your new DDs, but they wouldn’t have found anything wrong with your previous breasts. Men will generally pick the most natural-looking girl, so plastic surgery is just shooting yourself in the foot.

    • robert shepard jr

      i married my wife when we were 16…now we’ll be 60 ..after 3 children and surgery to remove her gall bladder,the resultant weight gain around her mid-section…she feels less than “desirable’ IT DOESN’T MATTER TO ME ..SHE’S JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AS SHE WAS WHEN WE MARRIED..if i could afford the surgery she desires to make her feel like the woman she used to be..i would give up the life i have left \so make that happen unfortunatley. i can’t…. before you classify someone..ANYONE as being vain..or shallow put yourself in their shoes,,see what they used to be..see what they have given up over the years, perhaps if you have even a modicum of compassion or intelligence..you can understand the reason ..why anyone would opt for this surgery..i hope in your future you won’t have to experince what my beautiful wife is experiencing right now..but if you do….