Photoshop Fails: Celebrities Who Were Airbrushed

Photoshop Fails: Celebrities Airbrushed On Magazine Covers & Advertisements

What's wrong with this picture? No idea? Ok, we'll tell you. That's Gabourey Sidibe, an Elle cover gURL -- and Photoshop's latest victim. Do you notice how drastically her gorgeous chocolate brown skin was lightened on the mag's cover? Gross!

While we're definitely making progress by putting a bigger gURL on a top fashion mag, these next few Photoshop fails prove that magazine editors still have a long way to go to see celebrities the way we want to see them -- the way they really are! These gURLS are really just like the rest of us -- normal, flawed and beautiful! Katy Perry, Audrina Patridge, and Ashley Greene are the most recent casualties, but check out loads more!

Ashley Greene

Just what was wrong with her neck, Teen Vogue? Maybe they were covering up Joe Jonas' hickey marks? That's the only good reason that we could think of...

Audrina Patridge

Apparently, Audrina's raw body was too bony, orange, and wrinkled to make it as is into her Bongo ads.

Katy Perry

What isn't wrong with Katy, according to Rolling Stone? They shaved weight off her legs, arms, added a hand, took out a sock, smoothed out wrinkles on her face and tummy, and (seriously) lifted her boobs.

America Ferrera

Recognize curvy gURL America 20 pounds and 3 shades lighter? Nope, we barely do either.

Crystal Renn

Speaking of curvy gURLs, gorgeous model Crystal looks nothing like herself in this Passion for Fashion ad campaign. Photographer Nicolas Routzen defended his retouching of the photo saying it was normal by fashion standards -- but isn't normal supposed to be, like, you know, not super skinny?!

Sienna Miller

It may not be visible to the naked eye, but trust us when we tell you that here, for Vogue's September 2007 issue, the gorgeous Sienna's face from one photo was Photoshopped onto her body from another photo. Why? Because Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour didn't like Sienna's "toothy" grin in the original pic. Uh, okay...

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP is gorgeous -- even those veiny, aged hands of hers. See any trace of her age in this recent Marie Claire cover? Yeah. Didn't think so.

Emma Watson

What better way to lose weight than by chopping off your leg, uh, right? We're pretty sure that's what the Photoshoppers behind Emma's Burberry ad were thinking.

Kelly Clarkson

We get that Self magazine is about being healthy and all, but shouldn't healthy body image be a part of that message too? Apparently not, considering Kelly's bod was slimmed to almost half her real size on this recent cover.

Kim Kardashian

Perfect complexion? Maybe. But "perfect" body? Not so much. After the original photos from Kim's Complex shoot hit the internet, she responded on her blog by saying, "So what..I have a little cellulite!" Don't we all!

Blake Lively

We love that Blake's got a big bust and totally rocks it -- it takes confidence to show that much cleavage. So why did Vogue make her boobs look smaller? Beats us.

Ali Larter

Long legs are one thing, but long thighs? Ali's are clearly lengthened in this awkward-looking cover of Lucky.

Taylor Swift

Oops is an understatement. gURLs, we present you with what Taylor would look like after three lip injections, two face lifts and a nose job -- or just a really poor Photoshop job. You choose.

Christina Aguilera

Aw, what a cute little pup! Not so cute? That really creepy Alien-like finger on Christina's right hand.

Heidi Klum

Nope, not even Heidi is as hot as she seems. What's worse -- her ghostly white complexion or that unnaturally flat (and physically impossible) rib cage?

Kimora Lee Simmons

And if you didn't think the ones we just showed you were bad, wait 'till we tell you that Kimora's body in this ad isn't even hers. Nope. Photoshoppers literally put her face on someone else's body -- similar outfit and everything -- to make her look her thinnest. How's that for pathetic?

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  • Amber

    These photo’s would be more credible if they were all like the Katy perry one where its the non photo shopped version vs the photo shopped version. Otherwise there is no context. Before photos could have been taken months before or even after the photo shopped versions.

  • Charity

    Why do people insist on saying real beauty is everything and then go and photoshop a real person!! They were way pretty before as themselves.

  • LaurenK

    Srry Wrong Email!

  • LaurenK

    OMG! I Gotta Admit! These Photoshops Are Pretty BAD! Especially Christina’s! XD I Also Had A Good Laugh From Taylor’s! Lmao

  • Alyssa

    These gURLs Are Gorgeous they way they were! UNPHOTOSHOPPED!