“The Vag”

That urinary opening, located above the vaginal opening is connected to your urethra — a tube about an inch and a half wide that leads to and from your bladder, where urine is stored. This where you pee from.

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  • Brittany

    Can you get pregnant the first time you have sex and is it possible to have sex while on your period??

  • Anon

    Is it weird that I find it discusting for some to finger themselves?

  • Unknown

    What does loose mean? I am not planing to “pop my cherry” at all! I was just reading this and wanted to know

    • ????

      There is no such thing as ‘loose’. People seem to think that your vagina loosens after sex or being fingered. When you have sex a few times your vagina learns to open up to allow the penis to go in but after it goes back to the same size.

  • molly

    hey there. Im really scared of having anything being in that area. My boyfriend wants to put his finger in but how far will it be able to go? Im sure it hurts quite a ton but does it still count as ‘ losing your virginity ‘ ? Im terrified and a nervous wreck… And i need help. Towards inside theres a hard-ish thing, is that my ‘cherry’, and will it be harmed if my boyfriends finger pushes or touches it? PLEASE HELP. xoxo -molly

    • Gina

      Relax Molly, the hard-ish thing is most likely your clitoris if it is at the top of your vaginal opening. Gently massage it with your fingers and if it gives you pleasure you can be sure it IS your clitoris. It will not harm your vagina if you let your boyfriend stick his fingers in because a vagina is almost indestructible! Masturbate often with your fingers and the smooth end of a hairbrush and by all means let your boyfriend put his fingers in and let him know what feels good to you. Ask him to let you play with his penis so both of you will be comfortable being naked together and not so uptight when you decide to let him have intercourse with you. By all means explore your vagina by yourself, masturbate often and think of the pleasure you would have if you let your boyfriend explore along with you. Don’t wait “too long” to give away your virginity because once you do you will be on a wonderful road to absolute pleasure! I was happy to give my virginity away at thirteen but I wish I had given it away when I was eleven and started feeling very strong sexual urges and that is all I regret.

    • samantha

      When your boyfriend fingers you, it should not hurt. The first time my boyfriend did that to me it felt pretty good. Your boyfriend should know what he’s doing and you should feel no pain. His fingers will only go as far in as long as his fingers are. This does not qualify as losing your virginity.

  • im worried if my vaginas normal its almost messy im only 14 and im really embarresed its wrinkelly and i cant even see the opening im really worried expeciall when i comes to sex when im older can someone help me ?! xox

  • Anxhi

    Hey i can’t seem to understand why i find it impossible to have sex with my bf, i mean i tried it tonight and my vagina seems to be very tight. I’ m afraid that this may be kind of anormal, can somebody help me!!!!

  • Emma

    When I first had sex it barely hurt because my boyfriend didn’t go hard and fast. Ask whoever your having sex with to go in slowly. It’ll be less painful and make the entire experience more pleasurable.

  • Melibee

    Your vagina goes back to its original size right after having sex. Theres no such thing as “loose”.

  • j

    does it hurt when a penis goes in for the first time

    • jessica

      Yurp Like A Stabbing Pain And A ripping of Down There

    • Robin

      For some people yes. Usually it does. For me yes like hell it felt like everything was being ripped. For some people going slower might hurt others it feels better. Consider that when talking to your partner about having sex for the first time

  • Hghfdg

    horrible things to me. she tried manikg me go to the doctors to check if i was still a virgin or not. i refused. i sort of understand her though, she doesnt want me to end up pregnant like my older sister, but i’m not going to, i know that. still did she really have to do that? i know from this experience i will not treat my future kids like that, i want to talk to them, listen, understand, and help them. i dont want them to feel the way i did. (by the way my boyfriend and i still going:] 3yrs)

  • Vlora

    , gay and lesbian cloeups can’t get married, and others just choose not to. Why should they be deprived of something so pleasurable simply because they choose not to enter into a binding marital contract?But then, I do agree that sex is a huge step for a relationship, and often times people do have sex for the first time for the wrong reasons. Plenty of teens (guys AND girls) are exposed to all these sexed-up music videos and raunchy sex scenes in movies, and so they come to think it’s not a big deal. I don’t think anyone who’s had sex could honestly tell you their first time wasn’t a big deal. I think you should wait for love and security in your life, and that might not happen until marriage for some. Oh, and of course, always use protection.

  • Shadreck

    People say that whole ‘you’re only worth something when you’re a virign’ and all that crap to girls to keep them from getting pregnant. In Islam and probably some other extremist religions they give the mother of the girl the bloody sheets-like prize or something. “You have successfully sold your daughter to me as a virign. What a good mother you are.’ I guess that’s why they force them to marry before they are fully developed; to make sure they don’t have sex with someone else first and so they can’t sell their daughters anymore. Oh no! Now how will they get rid of them?! They kill them, the fathers/brothers/husband does. I’m not kidding. Even if she was raped. Or broke the hymen while doing a sport or masturbating.If you want to wait, that’s cool. Whatever works for you. But people can’t go around criticizing girls who chose to share something special with someone special. Virginity is the first time, but it doesn’t mean you are not worth anything anymore. You are still everything you were before, plus a little more.But if it feels right to you, then it is.

  • Vanessa

    ok so if you have sex for the first time and your vagina ends up getting a little bit loose does it ever go back to how tight it was if you don’t have sex for over a year?

    • Samantha

      Well it get loose for the first time but if you don’t have sex for like over a year it will be the same but not that loose

      • Vanessa

        oh ok thanks a ton!