Holley from True Life: I’m a Big Girl Talks Porn, The Olympics and Being gURLy

Holley doing her thang!

We’ve been hitting the jackpot so far this season of True Life. After interviewing Raelyn from I’m Allergic to Everything, it was obvious to us the MTV is celebrating gURL power right now. When we heard about Holley Mangold from True Life: I’m a Big Girl, we just had to chat with her.

Holley is a 370 pound strong woman, a former high school football line(wo)man-turned-competitive weightlifter, who’s gunning for a spot on the 2012 Olympic team. Click on to read our exclusive interview with the gURL to hear her story.

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  • BriBriMC

    Honestly I love this girls story because I have finally found inspiration. I know that I am VERY self conscious of my weight. And before I heard her story I felt really sad about how big I was and i needed to be with my mom with a couple friends. I noted to my mom that I need some new skinny jeans because they started ripping in the inner leg part. She commented ” well they wouldn’t be doing that if you walked with me every day like you should.” I wanted to cry, it felt like she hated me for how I looked. I felt horrible until I saw holly’s story. I felt that the story was for all the big girls that felt like they wanted to die. I now know that if you’re either 90 pounds or over 300 pounds, it doesn’t matter. All that does matter is how beautiful you know you are, and that nothing can change that. 230 pounds and proud. <3