Animal Testing

Those against animal testing generally argue that it’s cruel, unnecessary, scientifically unsound and expensive, and that the results are misleading.

They believe that more accurate testing can be carried out with computer modeling, clinical trials, epidemiological studies, human tissue and cell cultures, autopsies and biopsies.

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  • derek

    I loves animals, i loves them all, that little monkey is cute, i loves him

  • derek

    I’m Scared

  • Nathan Luton


  • Missfiction

    thats terrible! but cant they use human tissues and stuff like that?! poor animals

  • Kris

    Nothing wrong with it in my opinion as long as they are using the animals for genuine research and not just messing about with them without purpose.

    • octopus11

      that is not very nice

    • Lara

      sorry i dont agree with you, this “research” could kill the animals or seriously harm them, animals have feelings too! How would you like it if you were taken away and getting injected or whatever with liquids and formulars and not knowing what could happen to you. put yourself in their position.