AD/HD stands for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. AD/HD is a neurological disorder (meaning it has to do with your nervous system) that makes it hard for a person to pay attention and/or control their behavior. Often this disorder is classified by three characteristics: inattention (daydreaming, being distracted), hyperactivity (being wired, restless) and impulsivity (being hasty, rash). A person may have all of these traits or a combination of the three.

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  • Cynthia

    I think I have adhd. I can never sit still and usually feel really uncomfortable in school and trying to stay calm gives me anxiety attacks. I get really crazy sometimes. like I get these weird urges to do things and just can’t stop myself from doing them. I can’t sit down and focus on homework no matter how hard I try. I can’t pay attention and usually have to read something a few times to pick up on what I’m supposed to do or learn from it. I forget stuff all the time. I have trouble sleeping because i’m so restless so my hyperactivity goes down some because I’m so exhausted. I’m wondering if those are enough symptoms and reasons to see a doctor about possible adhd to get medicine to help or if it isn’t enough and just a personnality flaw. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:)

  • Taylor

    ADD medications=speed.

  • Emarenda

    i have failed a lot..because its freakin indian educatioin

  • Janell

    I Have Not Failed A Grade So Far:)) I Take Aderall <3

    • Caro

      I haven’t failed a grade either! I take Focalin <3 :")

      • Amanda

        I take focalin too XD

    • Amanda

      yikes…..I took aderall and never will i take that again. the medicine is horrible. My skin turned blue from it and I went to the doctors. My body never has color anymore because of that medicine that I dont even take anymore