Acne is a skin disease that clogs your pores with too much oil, causing them to burst and become inflamed–in the form of whiteheads, blackheads or pimples.

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  • Michelle

    Proactive only provides a temporary solution. You’ll have to eventually keep buying it over and over, every time the acne comes back.

    If you want a permanent solution for your acne, what worked for me was Acne Expulsion Pills.

    Its a great product for acne, and my acne has never come back after taking them.

    Here is the website where I got mine

    Hope it helps you on your way to clear skin.

  • BuBbElZ14

    What i use has the same effect as proactive but you can get it in stores and its only $20 its called acnefree its got a few diff. kinds under the same brand but i use it for severe even if you dont have sever acne, its the orange bottles. It’s got four bottles in it you use 3 in the morning and three at night it works really well and it is all gone in like a week and you can buy it at WalMart or Target like those kind of stores

  • Alex

    I’ve had acne since I was like 12 I’m 20 now it went away for like a year then it came. I recently started using african black soap its suppose to have all natural ingredients idk how true that is but idc cuz I love it. It has actually has been clearing my face up it can be a little drying but a great moisturizer helps that problem.

  • meg

    i’ve used skinoren and it didn’t make anything and now I’m usin one another but also this isn’t making my face clean i’ve never used proactiv but i think i will try it i have got an oiled skin will it work for me?? hope so

    • StreetLamp

      I had bad acne last year so i went to the dermo and i finally ddceeid to use accutane it made everything really dry and helped alot (except for the scaring.) but when it had almost been 6 months they got the blood from me to check and see if i was okay & if i could finish it but then they said my liver enzymes were up. So i went off of it and i still had scarring, ect. i got depressed and thought it would never go away. then they said i could go bck on it but i didnt want too i still have acne

  • Alana

    I started using proactiv but used too much at first so my skin got all dry and red and irritated and it would burn whenever i used something on it. But then I stopped using proactiv for about a week or two and instead used tons of gentle moisturizer, then my skin lost its dryness, redness, and pain and I was able to start on proactiv again, BUT IN VERY TINY AMOUNTS AT FIRST. Now my skin looks and feels great!!

  • angie

    i hate that i sometimes get little breakouts in my back and small pimples on my arm. Is there a natural remedy or a way to prevent it?

  • Katie

    I have had terrible Acne for 2 yrs now. I finnally decided to do something about it, I went to dermatologist and tried EVERYTHING for my skin. So Instead of going to the doctors and using all those products that supposedly “work” I started using clinuque three step proccess. If you go to clinique you can take a test there for how your acne is and it will give you the perfect solution for it! now i take a shower in the morning and night, wash my face with three scrubs that are apricot to stop oily skin, and the three step process from Clinique then use clearasil where you can find around right aide or walgreens. They have been working for me yet my acne I still have, but it does take time. Acne cant automatically go away. But I have also seen the new tanda zap which I will be trying, let you know if any results (:

  • Ciera

    have you tried Proactiv? that seems to work for me(:!

  • CrystalinaRose

    sometimes i get acne so i tell my mom and since she already had acne and pimples (when they went away theyb left spots and she has oily skin) so she said it happens sometime cause your face is dirty /pores are clogged with dirt and all, or because you need to cool off /it happens to me mostly in summer so i wash my face as much as i can … i sometimes spray rose water which also helps me freshen up oh and i never forget sun block ….. in the night i try putting beauty creme on or wash my face with dove beauty bar…If that doesnt help than i dont know since every body has a different skin type!

    • Katie

      Washing your skin to many times can cause more acne. If you wanna stop oily skin I suggest from me because I do sports a facial scrub or wash for you skin. I use an apricot scrub to stop oily skin and prevent blemishes on my face. Its been working very well!

  • brenna

    okay well i dont wear make up bbut i still get acne why do i get it and how do i get rid of it???

  • phineas is my bf

    My doctor gave me Epiduo. The problem is when i use it, it makes my face turn red and itchy. 🙁 now what? nothing else works.

    • Emma

      have you tried a different on the spot treatment? maybe a zeno hotspot?

      • Betzabel

        drink lots of plain water, watch ur diet , even take a note of the things u ate wen ur acne gets worse, I know they say diet and and acne r not retlaed but , wots going on inside shows on the outsidecleanse and moisturise once mabe twice a day, toner may be a bit harsh but dont over do it.good luck

  • Eleni

    A note to those looking for a new acne product: some items containing benzoyl peroxide, (the main ingrediant in oxy acne cream) can bleach your clothes upon contact. It helps, but try to keep it only on your face and wash your hands right away!!!!

  • Liz

    I had acne since i was 10 my mom said i was growing to FAST! SO I USED PROACTIV IT CLEARED MY BLACKHEADS AND PIMPLES I WAS SO HAPPY!