What Should You Name Your Dance Crew?

If there’s one thing the world doesn’t lack, it’s dance movies. From Grease to Dirty Dancing, and now Step Up 3D, we’re itching to get off the couch and try some of these moves for ourselves. But if there’s one lesson we’ve learned from all of those movies, it’s that every dancer needs a crew. But what should yours be called? First, figure out your dance style, and then get ready to take it big-time!

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  1. avatar MARJUNE says:

    U GAT IT

  2. avatar Titan says:

    I love step up and to dance I am B.F.A.B.B BORN FROM A BOM BOX

  3. avatar Jacky says:

    Dancing queen crew
    Party rock crew
    Swagg homies
    Little divas
    Cutie queens

  4. avatar LaTashja says:

    dance cew names

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