Video: Watch The Trailer For Pixar’s gURL-Powered Brave

gURL power!

Action movies are awesome, but let’s face it, the main characters are almost always guys. We’ve been dying to see Pixar movie that features a kick-ass gURL for once, and that’s exactly why we can’t wait to see Brave.

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Brave is about Princess Merida, a gURL who lives in Scotland and fights off anything that gets in her way. It’s also Pixar’s first fairytale movie, and is supposed to have a darker edge than your average Disney movie.

Check out the trailer and prepare to get excited…

It’s about time we saw some serious gURL power in a movie! Brave hits theaters Summer 2012. Are you going to see it? Do you think it looks good? Discuss below!

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  • Abby

    That movie looks awesome. 😀 Plus, the voice-over sounds incredibly sexy. 😛

  • Sarah

    This is exactly what Rose Granger looks like ahaha

  • kayla

    woah thats some crazy hair! … shes cute!

  • Kendra Boston

    This movie looks really good. I can’t wait to see it!

  • OH MY GOD. She’s Scottish! C: