Should You Hook Up With Your Ex?

Break-ups don’t have to be totally messy and ugly. Just look at Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron who have been spotted flirting and dancing in public and spent the night at each others houses since breaking off their long-term relationship. Vanessa can obviously play around with her ex. But can you? Should you? Take this quiz and find out!

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  • cuteangel

    OMG this happened to me. When I was 12 I had this 14 yr old bf. Nothing happened between us.
    I met another guy while having sleep overs at my best friends house. I started using the smallest reasons to come and see this guy at my friends house. He was an overseas University student. We became very close. He knew my age and that we couldnt be seen to be dating. So he would drive me in his car and we would go to secret places where no one would see us. I lost my virginity to him in his car, in the dark, in some really remote place… romantic..NOT. LOL. We’ve been going out now 2 years.I am 14 now.

    Recently, I met my ex. He is now 16 and quite cute :P. He wanted to hang out and we did. It was so sweet and he still had feelings for me. He hasnt had a gf since i split up with him. He told me his parents were away for the weekend and asked me if I would go to his place and hang out with him. I did. I ended up having sex with him. He was so emotional and really wanted to get back. He had never had sex several times that weekend. It was his first time ever doing it with me. I couldnt believe that he was stil a virgin. I shudnt have told him I still loved him. I couldnt help it. I felt bad for him and I wanted him to know that I still cared for him.
    I didnt tell him about my older bf. Maybe when he goes back overseas I might get back with my ex. I know I sounld as if I am using him but I didnt know what else to do.

  • lia

    yes …. i actually think its good to stay in touch with your ex. but when u feel as though u should bump it up a notch, dont! just dont! it will end up in disaster (more than likely), or you will feel guilt. its fun sometimes tho !!!!

  • johnisha

    i think that people shouldnt hook back up with there exs cause it alway end up badd

    • ex neighbor

      Don’t do it!!!… unless both are completely over each other…likely a hook up wouldnt happen lol.
      Somebody will get hurt. Feeling awkward when the ex talks about others they have had intimate relations with is not a good place to explore.