Selena Gomez Grew Up in a Single-Parent Family. Did You?

Selena made it through her parents' divorce!

While hooking up with Justin Bieber must be cool and all for Selena Gomez, her life wasn’t always such a fairy tale.

The Monte Carlo star’s birth parents divorced when she was just five years old. Selena was raised by her mom and admits to Pop Eater that she didn’t have an easy childhood, but that she has come to terms with her parents’ divorce.

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Says the gURL, “I just think it’s really common nowadays, that you grow up in a single-parent household. I grew up like that, and I was fine. My dad was still in my life, so it was good.”

Selena says that there’s a similar message in her movie: “Being able to be married into a family, which is so common, and having people you don’t know like stepsisters and stepbrothers, and getting past the awkward stage. I think it was nice that we touched on that.”

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Did you grow up in a single-parent family? Was it awkward like Selena’s experience? Do you think it’s common, too? Share your stories in the comments.

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