How Much Do You Know About Boobs?

Melons. Hooters. Knockers. Boobs. Whatever you call them (or whatever they’re called), one thing is clear: We all have them — even guys (hard to believe, huh?). We spend so much time thinking about, dressing, even caring for them…but really, how much do you know about your boobs?

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  • Asim

    Whoooa mama those are huge melons you got there!! When I was 14-16 my curenrt age I wore a 32-36 C which is fantastic! I love having big boobs cus they make you more curvy,busty, sexy, and attractive!Even if you have small boobs don’t be depressed, usually gurls who have small boobs have big butts.I have both tho! I’m soo lucky! (:

  • Emarenda ilesias

    i have large once..i hate it