Do You Have Poor Self-Esteem?

It’s one thing to set goals and try to be at the top of your game, but are you hurting yourself in the quest to be the best? Find out if you’re fair to your feelings or just plain harsh.

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  • Zoe

    Hi everyone, my name is Zoe. And I am “fat”. I weigh 382. Almost everything I’ve tried doesn’t help me to loose weight. I’ve gone to Weight loss camp, diets, and workouts! NOTHING WORKS FOR MY FAT BODY! I am trapped, everyone makes fun of me and calls me the Phillsberry doughy Zoe. It’s a living nightmare. I can’t go anywhere without getting ugly looks. I’m sooooooooo fat i hate myself! I just want to die. I hope I gain so much weight I do die. My doctor says I’m obese and I need to loose weight. But how

  • Vincent

    I think people have a hard time excepting me because I have autism. I was picked on so much that I didn’t even want to look at or think about myself. Now at 26 I still feel that way.

  • Karen

    One of the best ways to boost your self-esteem is to accomplish a goal. It gives you confidence. So set a goal that you can attain, go for it, and see how good you feel about yourself!

    • bev

      I get really down at times and dont believe in my abilities like i should

  • brittany mcleod

    i feel like i am so fat and ugly that no one like me

  • natalie

    i feel the same way i just feel fat and ugly and i feel like i am always in the way i hate being like this

  • jaida

    yes i so im to fat and i hate myself

    • moriah

      dont say that about yourself.

    • niceaj

      been there sister and im there rite now