Could You Be Pregnant?

Protected or not, if you’re having sex, you’re at risk of contracting STDs and have a chance of getting pregnant. The only way to know for sure if you’re actually preggers (before having an actual baby, of course) is to take a pregnancy test. Not ready to take one? There are signals that can help you know if you need to find out now, or if you can stop worrying (Or do you need to take this quiz too?). Answer the q’s below and see if you really could be pregnant…


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  • No One

    I am 17 going to be 18 at the end of November i have been real sick especially after eating thirsty all the time peeing every half hour to hour having horrible headaches, backaches, lower belly cramping really tender breasts REALLY emotional and moody and im scared i mean even if i am my fiance will stay with me and help me out but neither of us wanted kids yet we wanted to wait a couple years before we had any and he keeps asking me if i am because he has also noticed that i am having some symptoms but he is also trying to help me feel better he gives me a back massage rubs my belly when its hurting or i feel sick kisses my forehead and massages my temples when i have a headache and will just lay there and cuddle with me when im not feeling good im just scared and i dont have any money at the moment to get a test an he dont get paid till the end of the month

  • lisa

    Hi, i was wondering if i could be pregnant i dont quite remember when i had my last period but i think im late. My boyfriend andbi constantly have sex we go protective practically all the time i mean who wants a kid at 17 anyway after our first time we wanted to go again as we did i noticed he started going incredibly rough and i felt like his you know what was in my stomach. It hurt a little and i teared up a little so once he saw i was crying he stopped about an hour later we go back but this time no condom he soon finishes on my stomach on top of my crotch a little on my upper thigh and a little by the opening of my vagina. Once that was over i wiped my self clean and took a nice shower but since then im constantly thinking i could have gotten pregnant seeing how close it was he thinks its stress causing me to miss it since then ive only been suffering fatigue other than that ive gotten a little it of acne bloating and bad cramps i dont know what to think some one help

  • Nice read. I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. He just bought me lunch because I found it for him! So let me rephrase: Thank you for lunch!

  • elizabeth

    i think i might be pregnant but i am scared to get a pregnancy test