Are You Too Much Like Your Mom?

Whether it’s your kickass singing voice or your uncontrollable tendency to freak out every time something doesn’t go your way, you inevitably inherit something from your mother. We all do. The thing is, we seriously can’t stand when others tell us that we will end up just like her. The constant comparisons totally freak us out. Don’t get us wrong, it’s super cool to be close to your mommy,just not attached at the hip. Are you on a one-way path to clone-ville? Find out!

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  • Leilabeth

    i got Attack Of The Clone XD she’s not like normal moms tho… like when it comes to tattoos (and no she actually doesn’t have any) most moms will be all “NOT UNDER MY ROOF!!!” meanwhile i think we’ve been talking about it along with piercings since i was around 11… and we’ve also been through a lot! my dad is a total ass and they didn’t get separated til i was 12.. so when my dad wouldn’t pay attention to me and shortly before their separation we would just sit in her bed all day (i’m was homeschooled and before that i would go in there and do my homework) my dad never cared about me and even tho we all lived together it was still pretty much just her and i… technically i was a mistake so they had to get married…. my mom told me awhile back accidentally… my mom was 29 and he was 25(?).. bleh props to anyone still reading… but you can see how we’re so close… not to mention we went through a lot and it’s just now starting to work it self otu (i turned 15 in march)

  • merali