Are You Ready For Sex?

To do it or not to do it? That’s the huge question. Are you really ready to take the plunge and lose your v-card, or do you need a little more time to get comfortable with the idea and your guy or gURL? This quiz has answers. Do it (not that! We mean the quiz!) now.

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  • sara

    I think u should if ur 16 or 17 and older. I lost my virginity when I was 17 and it just brought me and my bf closer.

  • kim

    I’m 15 and I have a friend with benefits, the thing is he wants to have sex with me, and yea I want to do it but I don’t know if it is the right decision cause he’s 18 and my parents don’t agreed with the idea of me being with him. What should I do?

    • Cameron

      Honestly, when I was 15 I had the same situation. I ended up having sex. I can say that it was a mistake. Because I did it with just some guy I was fooling around with, it didn’t mean anything to him. And when I found out that he didn’t care about me I was crushed. If I were you, I would wait. I would find a guy that loves you for you and doesn’t look at you as just another girl to add to his list. I wish I wouldn’t havre done it because when I did find a guy worth having sex with, I couldn’t trust him. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, but just wait until the right guy comes along.

  • linden

    hey im 16 and my boyfriend is 15. so we’ve have been on and off for bout 2 yrs. we’re dating again and its been bout 2 weeks now. he asked me if i would have sex with him and i dont know wat to say. i really love him and i do wanna have sex. i am a vigin and i want him to be my first. wat should i do???? plz help

    • Mel

      if you are sure about having sex with him then do it, if you think you love him and if he loves you then theres no stopping you but 2 weeks of a proper relationship?…… and on and off…. do you think its proper love just pass the faze of puppy love, how would your reaction be if he left you afterwards…

    • ashley

      im noy saying u should do it but if u really love him and he loves you just the same go for it

  • ammoniums

    I’m 16 and my boyfriend is 18 he met and talked to my parents and I talked to his so they know the age difference. I think about sex all the time and although I don’t talk sexually to him he does to me and it turns me on a lot. I kinda want to lose my v card since I feel like its just sex but I kinda want to wait till I’m at least 17 I don’t know.he doesn’t pressure me or anything like that. But I don’t know. I feel like sex isn’t that big of a deal but I get freaked out about getting pregnant or something. Is 17 a good age to wait until? Or how long should we be together before it seems like a good time to do it?

    • Annonomus

      If you want to wait till 17 then your not ready now..

  • mishy

    am turning 15 on 17th of jul and l bf is turning 23 on 4th of jul l dnt knw what to give him l ws thinking to hv sex with him bt l dnt thnk if he likes it and its my first time l really love him l dnt knw if l cn hv sex with him or nt am l still young or is he too be for me plz hepl

    • cool kid

      Sorry to say, but your relationship is illegal. If you have sex with him he could go to jail got the rest of his life. He’s an adult, you a minor. That’s like an 8 year old dating a new born.

    • Jess

      You love him and that what matters. Don’t worry about whether it is legal or not. There are laws for everything in this world. Just follow your heart. I know what its like with an older guy and you are young but not that young not to know the consequences. You are 15 for god’s sake. You are not a baby and don’t need laws to tell you when and whom to have sex with. People will bring up this legal or not thing all the time. To those who think that way, love was not meant for them. Love is not for the fainthearted or for those who cannot or are scared of taking a chance. Do what your heart tells you and keep it quiet. Just make sure you are careful and use protection against pregnancy and STDs. Go for it. This is real cool and I am sure the two of you ail hit it off. Just be confident and let him feel reassured that you are okay with it and that by doing it there won’t be trouble from you. There are many guys who would very willingly be with a younger female but because of our narrow minded society and the stupid laws that have been made they worry about what difficulties such a relationship could land them in. Just tell him you are fine with it and will enjoy him doing it to you. Have fun !

  • Michelle

    I’m 14 and I love my boyfriend so much, we talk about sex all the time and it’s weird because I think about sex mostly all the time. Is that normal? I’m still a virgin and I want too loose it with him. I think I’m ready but the thing is that I’m scared that it’s gonna hurt? Anybody wanna help me out on this?

    • Daniella

      I Would Say To Wait It Off A Little Longer & Enjoy Your Youth Because Having Sex Is No Joke You Can Change Emocionally If Something Goes Wrong But Your Question Is If It Hurts It All Depends How Careful He Is With Your Body.

    • jules

      I honestly think you should wait yea sure the idea may seem really exciting at first but your still young and who knows there may be another guy out there in the future who will make you feel the same way or maybe better I just say wait off you still have your whole life ahead of yoh amd your virginity is a treasure and your pride right now . Hope this helps

  • janna

    I’m 13 and my boyfriend 17 and he wants sex I told him i was ready… but now whenever we talk that’s all he seems to want talk about is sex….. I thinknim ready buy should I go for it or not?? Please he’llp me

    • Izzy_207

      NO !! That can be raping,even if you agreed !!

    • Abbie

      WTF that’s illegal nearly no and it dating a 17 year old!!!! Sick I’m sorry but that illegal to have sex under 15

    • Jess

      Don’t worry about it being illegal or not. If you want to do it and you love him just go for it and make sure no one knows. Yes there are laws, but you are in love. You cannot and must not decide to love or not love just because there is a stupid law. How silly is that ! If the law interferes with your ability and courage to fall in love then you are not meant for love. You need to be brave and courageous and disregard the law. You need to ask the question in your mind – is love important to me? If love is important then you will go to the ends of the earth to achieve this and laws or societal beliefs and customs will not matter in the least bit. Just make sure you are careful and take precautions against pregnancy and STDs. Keep it quiet and let no one find out. Have fun. Enjoy love. Enjoy your first sexual experience. This is your choice and your birth right. Don’t let any stupid law come in the way. You are offending no one and to have sex is not a crime. Also this is NOT rape if it is consensual and you agree to it. Just because you are young doesn’t mean you cannot give consent.

  • Aaliyah

    This is true and im ready to have sex 2

    • CHELSI

      i think iam

  • COnfused

    im 14 and my boyfriend is nearly 16. I am nearly 15. I love him and want to have sec with him but not until I’m 15 . Will I regret it? Also need advice

    • Izzy_207

      Well,if you trust him !! But be sure it’s what you want too !! Just remember that there’s a 10% chance that your soul mates !! Also the first time hurts and be safe !! Condoms and maybe the pill !!

  • Milla Hlongwa

    Don’t listen 2 wat pple say it what u think and feel comfort in and listenin too people cause they can leave you hanging sometimes. So follow your heart and your instincts.

  • sarfo emmanuel

    what does it feel when you have sex and after sex

  • Ethan

    I’m 15 and I am rdy for sex but how can I tell if my girlfriend and she is 13 and we talk about it a lot or maybe that’s just so can u guys help me out.

    • Izzy_207

      Just be like:’ Sweety, I think/am ready for sex. I wanna be the one who breaks your V. But if your not ready,I won’t puss you.’

  • Random69

    I’m 13 and I think about sex all the time, I masturbate a lot and it feels great, I hump stuff and I use my vibrating mascara to turn me on, is this normal? And should I have sex? I had my first kiss at 10 and my first boyfriend at 9, my ex last year wanted to have sex but I said not until we’re a teen and then we broke up because he was pushy and stuff but my boyfriend at the moment is 12 and he wants to have sex. Should we? I go on omeagle and see these guys dicks and watch them cum over me and it feels great for them complementing my body and saying I have nice tots and a nice vagina. I do this so when I have sex I’m comfortable with my body and I can put his dick in my vagina and suck his dick.

    • alex

      no you are 12 not only is it illegal but you will regret it what happens when you meat the guy of your dreams the one you want to spend the resat of your life with you want be able to shear your first time with him. by the way even if this is the guy of your dreams wait tell you are older okay. its not like buying a pear of paints you can get a refund on that but not on your first time so please take my advice.

    • andrice

      im 13 my advice for you give him a handjob

    • Izzy_207

      You should do it !!

    • Abbie

      I’m sorry but your a hoe and that’s illegal u have to be 15 to have sex and yeah

  • susey

    i’m 10 years old and i hump stuff! it’s full of bull s…t! but it does feel good so yah try it. trust me u’ll love. happy hump day

  • Gambino

    Take it this way if your shy to buy condoms then your not ready for sex

  • fie

    I would love to loose my virginity but am worried because my sister is 28 and shes still a virgin because she is a workerholic and she is always encouraging me to wait.what do i do?

    • alex

      wait until you find your perfect match then, when your and they are both ready and sure that this is wait you wont then do it as long as your also both over the age of say around sixteen cause otherwise you are far more likely to regret it when you are older.

  • Jessica

    To kindness you should just loss it your 20 I had sex when I was 16 with my bf and its fine to lose your virginity it brings u and your bf together and it will get serious trust do not wanna lose him do u?

  • Gabriella

    Am 15teen and well my boyfriend want’s to have sex with me he is 16 I really don’t know what to do I love him so much and he loves me to should I wait or just do it with him???

    • abbie

      NO don’t , your under age its a bad idea wait till your 18 or over

    • jake

      I waited for 5 years for sex. I he does love you he can wait 3

    • alex

      i’m not saying your idea is bad love should be he reason for doing it, it just isn’t right right now give it time you will know when your ready because there will be no question that you want to do this.

      i hope you think about this carefulliy

    • Izzy_207

      Do whatever feels right !! If I were you I’d do it

  • Llil

    If you are 20 then it’s time to have sex and love it. I am a girl too.I do have sex with my BF and I love it much

  • Kindness

    I am 20 and am not still ready cos am a virgin but my bf always want it ,,,,am tired

    • Jessica

      Lose your virginity don’t be scared u and your bf will be closer together.I lose my virginity when I was 17 and now I am married to the Same guy see it would work out.go to Victoria secret and make your first time special.lose it,lose it!!!!!!! Reply soon