Are You Ready For Sex?

To do it or not to do it? That’s the huge question. Are you really ready to take the plunge and lose your v-card, or do you need a little more time to get comfortable with the idea and your guy or gURL? This quiz has answers. Do it (not that! We mean the quiz!) now.

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  • wj


  • Naomi

    I kinda wanna lose my virginity but idk what to do about it

  • mercy

    I wanna do it

    • Shaurabh Banerji

      I am ready let me know

  • Nicolene

    I’m soo scared…my bf wanna have sex nd I never had sex before….I’m so scared of getting pregnant because I’m only 13 I need some advise plz

    • jessica

      Do do it your still to young.

      • ravikumar

        i am ready.

  • Jennamoore56

    So my mom is way over protective she won’t let me go to friends house or on a bike ride by myself but listen I’m almost fourteen how do I tell her I’m way to old to be treated like a baby and I know she’s just trying to keep me safe but….it embarrasses me when I’m not allowed to go to partet a cuz my mom can’t come please help