Are You A Clingy GF?

Do you cross the line between clingy and creepy? Take this quiz to see if you need to give your guy (or gURL) some space.

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  • Holly

    Ok so I have a boyfriend that I love very much and I can’t go a day without thinking about him and so he has pretty much a busy life and he travels a lot and he has two girl/friends and lots of boys he hangs out with but it’s just when his phone “suddenly dies” wen we make plans then he calls me on his friends phone and I hear him talking to other girls and laughing and having fun and joking around and smileing!! But wen me and him do spend time with each other he is always quiet and shy n nervous and SUPER awkward and he hardly EVER txt me n never calls even wen we made plans… And him and his ex hang out still and she gets waisted a lot n she starts kissing him on his cheek right I front of me and nobody knows we’re dating so I just told her to stop kissing my best friend”!! and she asked why and I couldn’t tell her…I think he didn’t wanna tell anybody on purpose to flirt with other girls and I can’t say anything about it I think I’m very shy and awkward and wen ever we cuddle or hang out or talk it’s always dead silence but wen he’s with other people he’s cracking jokes and laughing and smileing I feel like I’m a boring!! Shy!! Boring!! Awkward!! Stupid gf and I’m thinking “I love him a lot but maybe my shyness and boring ness will ruin this “relationship”” idk what to do so please help !!! thanks!!!

    • Stephanie

      What the fck are you doing to yourself! Enough with this “keeping it down low relationship” DON’T JUST STAY THERE LIKE AN IDIOT and do nothing while some stupid bxtch kisses YOUR boyfriend. Don’t make excuses for him or yourself. If you guys are together, make it public. It’s 2014. NO ONES phone dies every time because nowadays everyone is constantly on their phone and most people carry with their chargers. -___- please. You sound like a really nice girl but don’t be stupid! Nothing is wrong with you. You’re timid, I get it. The way you’re writing makes it seem like he’s living a double life. Sweet and shy all around but a different person infront of his friends also an idiot too because he knows you’re his girlfriend and he constantly let this chick kiss him or flirt. He doesn’t want a relationship with you. You’re not clingy. Nothing you said makes you clingy. You’re just worried about a guy that doesn’t deserve you and please quit worrying about him. Seriously! It might be cliche but life is certainly too damn short to keep idiots like him around. 😉

  • el paso texas

    For being selfish i lost a good guy i dated.

    • el paso texas

      For being selfish

  • Thapy

    Yeah i am a clingy gf nd i hate it nw cz i jst lost my best lovable bf mxm it sucks i realy regret it i wish i should have controled my self da tym we wer dating cz i stil love him nd i stl wnn be wth him we dated for 1year 2 months nd i used to get mad at him when i calld hm nd he ddnt answer my call den he took his tym 2 evn call bck.i miss him alot

  • Naledi manganyi

    My boyfriend and i dated 4 about 4yrs and he said i was clingy and annoying coz i would text him nd he would not reply nd it made me angry nd wen i tld him he said i was clingy i regret dat bcoz now we are like strangers i think i freaked him out,it hurts but atleast i learnt sumthing 4rom it

  • annmarie wright

    Me and my bf got into an argument, and he said I was kinda of self fish and abit clingy but I thought I wasn’t, but looking back I realised I would get annoyed as I would message him, he read it but not reply at all, I would hope we will be the same as we use to be, but we don’t speak as much, its like he rather speak to me in person other than text

  • Samantha Mullinax

    yes, even tho i know its a really bad thing. i would get mad so fast when my bf did not text me as soon as i wanted and in the end i regret everything cause now i see how much he did for me and how much he loved me. ind me being to clingy just pushed him away in the end. we dated for 10 months now we are still close friends but probly never be back to how it used to be