Could You Be Bi?

Because female sexuality is fluid and always changing, lots of gURLs have sexual thoughts that make them wonder if they’re not quite as straight as they think. Sound familiar? Labels don’t actually matter, but sometimes it can be helpful to be able to identify oneself. Wondering if you might play for both teams? Quiz it to find out!

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  • Asanda

    I like girls and its growing with me as i grow older.

  • Lucy

    im 28 i have a boyfriend and two kids and I’ve always dated men and find men attractive but I’ve always been curious to be with a woman..I find woman attractive as well and I get turned on by watching lesbian porn..I’ve never kissed a girl but I do wanna experiment because im so curious about so attracted to womans breast and big bootys..I haven’t told anyone about this because I don’t even know who I can talk to about these things..

    • Mikey

      What you are experiencing is nothing abnormal. Lots of women/wife’s are in the same boat. My wife mentioned the same thing to me just recently. We had an open discussion regarding the matter and has actually been a good thing for our sex life. Explore and enjoy! Life’s too short!

  • gummibear

    I am not sure if I am bi but a lot of people tell me tht I might be. They always tell me im gay but I always deny it knowing there might be a possibility of me being gay. Believe me I have a lot of girl crushes…any girl tht I see thts cute just grabs my attention and I could stare at them all day I just cant help it sometimes. I had a friend who used to seduce me cuz she liked and I kinda liked it. But dont get me wrong I still find boys attractive and I want to spend my life married to one but I have a guilty pleasure for girls.sometimes I imagine myself kissing them and doing things that I actually would never do…but its interesting to me. I havent kissed a girl since I was 8 but sometimes I wish I can do it several more times to some girl friends I know…..would tht consider me bi?

  • Angela

    Hey guys I’m 13 and I’m bisexual and I want a girlfriend but I don’t know anyone that’s bisexual or lesbian . Let’s start talking ? (;

    • nyah

      Hey whats yoour number

    • Lisa

      Hey (; I’m 13 too (;

      • cuquita blanco

        Same im kinda confused

    • cuquita blanco

      Same sure why not

    • Julie Lopez

      Im bi too and im a gurl 😉

      • elizabeth

        I’m sort of bi

    • kelsey

      Hey I’m 14, add me on snapchat, kelseycarter1
      Follow me on twitter @kelseycarterr1 just let me know its you

    • Abigail

      Nice your a bi me too

    • sreeja

      Whoa me too!!! I have a bf but even though I find him super hot I do get turned on by lesbian porn…though I never actually had a girl crush…

  • kat spike

    ive been.married to a man for 7 yrs… whole life ivs been attracted to women… i recently met a beautiful girl an shes been on my mind like crazy.. i cant stop thinkin bout her…. we tex an flirt… but im sooo confused… i dont know what to do.. i cant hold back my feelings i feel for rhis woman….. but i dont wanna ruin anyones life…. my heart wants what it wants

    • Karen

      Go for it I would I’m in the same boat I’m married but I know I like woman but don’t know what to do x

  • Nora

    I think I’m bisexual or bi curious. I’ve kissed girls but when I pit serious thought into I know that I really love boys and how nothing can compare to a strong deep voiced man. But a girl is so soft and knows what a girl wants. This is when it becomes a problem because I see myself with a man but when a fine ass female walk pass the first thing I do is look at her ass.

  • sara

    I have a girlfriend and a boyfriend sex with them (not at the same time) is amazing, its like orange is the new black

  • just me

    So I’ve been with a guy (the same guy) for 8 years now. we got married and love each other very much. i KNOW i like girls but I’ve never found one that wouldn’t judge me for being married AND wanting a gf. no i don’t share I’m not just after sex, in fact i just want to be able to connect with a girl who wants to be with me forever. I know people think ddown on me because of it but hubby knows I’m bi n he’s ok with me getting a gf… my point is idc what people think of me but id like to find someone out there who gets that just because i am bi and want a gf doesn’t mean I’m a slut and won’t sleep with just anyone who comes along. i want friends who don’t judge a gf who won’t break hubby n me up annd above all loyalty and no lies. (Idc if she gets a bf i just like being first priority) sorta like a best friend that i just happen to be planning forever with. (Please don’t yell at me) :/

    • kitty

      i agree… an feel the same way

  • Sara Cole

    Hey, I’m Sara and I really want to know what exactly I am I mean I’ve had boyfriends and such and I like guys a lot but then at a party I made out with some girl and I kinda want to do it I straight, bi, gay, what?

    • Bill

      No any sexual contact with opposite or same gender will make you a lil aroused

  • Keke

    I’m only 13 and I think I’m bi but I’ve never actually dated a girl before and I would want to try it

    • Claudia

      i couldn’t have said it in a different way

    • Paige

      Same here. Right On.

    • Nicole

      Hi im 13 and I have also dated a girl before and I really liked it

  • Mallory mckiney

    I think I might have a crush on my friend that’s a girl, but I also really like guys and think that they are extremely hot. I really don’t know if I am bisexual or what? I have been wondering about this for a while and I just need some guidance

  • Tracey

    I need to find out if I’m bisexual. I have always loved guys but I have had girl crushes too. I have never really been with a girl before and have heard women are more sensual than men. I think the only way to find out is by experimenting.

  • Stacy

    Is there anyone Willing to experiment

    • lara

      I have a boyfriend but want a girl to experience new things with ?

    • Amanda

      I would love to

  • Bicurious

    I just turned 30 & I think I’m bisexual. I love men, but I can’t help but get turned on by women. I keep imagining how it would be to make out with a women. I sometime think I’m a straight up lesbian, but then I don’t know. Where can I meet a bisexual women?

  • Lamonica

    I think I am because I like Breast

    • Anonymous


  • ally

    I really want a girlfriend

  • criss

    So i’ve been in the closet forever and iam definately scared to come out,where i live its illegal to be gay/lesbian,i always wanted someone to talk to who actually knows iam bi. (

    • Karina

      You can talk to me

    • bi

      I know that feeling.. I want to tell somebody but scared….

  • Jazzy

    I think I am I look at there butts

  • JauCea

    I really wanna try dating a girl abdominal doing stuff with her.. I just I can’t find one out there.. I NEED HELP.. ANY TAKERS

    • Krissy

      Me 😉

    • ria

      I’m trying to find a girl to :p it’s hard maybe we can talk

      • Bree

        i would like to try,but how old are you

    • Angela

      Me ? (;

      • kayra

        Hi, i’m 19. I’m bisexual. Looking for gf.. Never had a gf before. Wish to have one. My relationship with guys never lasted for long because i like girls so much. I always fantasise myself with girls. Anybody wants to be my gf?? This is my number 0182920767. Whatsapp me. I really want a gf.

  • Hope

    So I am dateing this totally dreamy girl. We dated before and she didn’t think I liked her so we broke up. Worst mistake. But we are together now and she is two grades higher than me. And I am so sexually attracted to her. I love her. But other girls turn me on… I hope me and my girlfriend will never break up. When we dated last year… She kissed me. And that is when everything clicked. My heart was beating so hard and I could barely breathe.. I fantasise about her and me in bed. And I kindo like my friend Brookii. So idek. I know for sure I am bisexual. I just need answers. Is there somehow I can stop what I have with my best friend. She asked me out last year and I said yes but we never really dated. I love you bb!! U da best smexy beast!!! Help me plz?!