Could You Be Bi?

Because female sexuality is fluid and always changing, lots of gURLs have sexual thoughts that make them wonder if they’re not quite as straight as they think. Sound familiar? Labels don’t actually matter, but sometimes it can be helpful to be able to identify oneself. Wondering if you might play for both teams? Quiz it to find out!

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  1. avatarBicurious says:

    I just turned 30 & I think I’m bisexual. I love men, but I can’t help but get turned on by women. I keep imagining how it would be to make out with a women. I sometime think I’m a straight up lesbian, but then I don’t know. Where can I meet a bisexual women?

  2. avatarLamonica says:

    I think I am because I like Breast

  3. avatarally says:

    I really want a girlfriend

  4. avatarcriss says:

    So i’ve been in the closet forever and iam definately scared to come out,where i live its illegal to be gay/lesbian,i always wanted someone to talk to who actually knows iam bi. (

  5. avatarJazzy says:

    I think I am I look at there butts

  6. avatarJauCea says:

    I really wanna try dating a girl abdominal doing stuff with her.. I just I can’t find one out there.. I NEED HELP.. ANY TAKERS

  7. avatarHope says:

    So I am dateing this totally dreamy girl. We dated before and she didn’t think I liked her so we broke up. Worst mistake. But we are together now and she is two grades higher than me. And I am so sexually attracted to her. I love her. But other girls turn me on… I hope me and my girlfriend will never break up. When we dated last year… She kissed me. And that is when everything clicked. My heart was beating so hard and I could barely breathe.. I fantasise about her and me in bed. And I kindo like my friend Brookii. So idek. I know for sure I am bisexual. I just need answers. Is there somehow I can stop what I have with my best friend. She asked me out last year and I said yes but we never really dated. I love you bb!! U da best smexy beast!!! Help me plz?!

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