Discuss: Would You Let Your Son Wear Dresses?

Princess Zach in one of his favorite dresses.

In one of sweetest stories we’ve read in a while, Shane Nickerson wrote a piece on HelloGiggles all about his son’s love of princess dresses.

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Writes this very loving dad, “He loves wearing dresses, and that’s awesome.  I hope that goes without saying, but of course it doesn’t bother me in the least that my three year old son loves to dress up in his sister’s princess clothes.”

His story is pretty touching, and we can only imagine how many people judge him. Our question for you: Would you let your son wear dresses if he wanted to? How would you deal with haters? Did you ever want to wear clothes or play with toys that girls aren’t “supposed” to play with? Discuss!

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  • 4evrmileyfan13

    I don’t understand how it’s fine when a little girl plays with Hot Wheels and Legos, but this little boy is being criticized 4 dressing like a princess!!!

    • Kiara

      That is so true! Girls can be tomboys, dress up in guy clothe and what not, but guys can only be guys. Society has ridiculous double standards

  • shawtybadd123

    i dont care cuz he aint my child but tbh my little boy isnt gonna dress as a little gurl hell no!!b4 yall start attacking me i didnt say that yall couldnt let your lil boy grow up confused im sayin i wouldnt!!

    • shawtybadd123

      my mom had a friend growing up that played with barbies instead of trucks and he is gay so thats the reason i feel like i do i aint gonna be mean to him if my so is gay i will support him but my baby will not grow up confused yall cant tell me how to raise my future kids and if yall upset over my comments go fck yourselves >:^(

  • MandiSmack

    It’s perfectly fine for him to where dresses! He’s three years old and he probably just thinks it’s fun. My cousin in 5 and he dresses as a girl sometimes but is still convinced he’s a power ranger and is the biggest boy ever

  • Leilabeth

    i heard under 5 kids don’t know the difference… and i probably would…
    i used to play with cars ALL the time XD i had a box full of little model cars hehe i even used to have “car school” and make tracks with my blocks ^.^ but i still played with barbies a lot and dressed really girly (and loved it, my mom didn’t make me or anything)
    nowadays i like to say i’m girly on the outside, tomboy on the inside XD like my favorite colors are equally black and oink 🙂 and i’m girly and love dresses and skirts but i’m in no way an extremely girly girl…

  • Joy

    Oh, and I would def let my little boy wear princess dresses! Its his life, I cant control how he feels! I think it’d be so cool to have an experience like that!

  • Joy

    I used to play with Hot Wheels, have a boy cut, say I was a boy at McDonalds so I could get the boy toys, and shop in the boys section of Marshalls. Then my preschool teachers said I was a freak, everyone would taunt and tease me! I was very reactive, and a spunky little feminist, so what did i do? I beat em up, hey, I was only 4! But now, society has shaped me into a perfect little girly girl who wears dresses and makeup. But, I still play with hot wheels

  • Alley

    Of course he should be able to. But, I would try to keep this at home, or in places where he won’t be judged too much. I am one hundred percent for letting him wear his princess dresses, but I would also be worried about the potential for bullying and harassment outside of safe places. If it is just a phase, then who cares? He had his fun in a safe way, and there has been no damage to his social life. If it isn’t a phase, then he can decide when he’s older, and understands the implications of his actions better, to take this further.

  • Patricia Allen

    I grew up in the fifties and I remember playing paper dolls with my sister. My best friend was Judy Ford who lived half a block down the street. Of course I wanted to play with girls toys and girls games. I turned out a heterosexual male who has a very huge feminine side.

  • ericarage

    I think it’s great that he likes dresses. The only thing people are insecure about is whether or not letting a little boy wear dresses will make him gay. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what clothes you let a child wear or what toys you let them play with, it won’t change who they love when they are older. I am a girl who is wearing a baseball cap and cargo pants. Does that mean I don’t like boys? No. Maybe I just want to be comfortable. And maybe that little boy just wants to look pretty. There is nothing wrong with that. People shouldn’t care what their child likes. It’s YOUR CHILD! You are supposed to support them in everything they do and love them unconditionally.

  • Kendraaaaa

    Boy= Pants or Shorts.
    Girls = Dress, Skirts, Shorts, Skorts.

    it’s not hard people. lol

    and yes it may be a “phase” but can they grow out of that phase if ppl keep saying ” Aww hes a boy and if he wants to wear cute frilly dresses and stuff, then that’s cute, and i don’t wanna hurt his feelings” I hope the father teaches his lil boy that girls need to wear dresses. not boys. lol..
    and as the parent, you have the authority to tell what your child should do.

    If i was a parent , I wouldn’t let my son wear a dress cause he wants to. I’ma be a parent and say No baby , we can’t wear what girls wear. (: “

    • Sydney

      You’re a total cunt, and I hope you never have children.

      • shawtybadd123

        thats her choice and i agree with her my son is not gonna dress as a gurl hell to the nawl!

  • Kara

    Although it might be a phase when the child is young, it still is odd, and shouldn’t be encouraged. If for some reason it’s not a phase, the child will grow up with distorted ideas on life.

  • Isabelle

    if he likes it, he should do it. and even if its not just a phase, the parents shouldnt try to make him change what he really wants.
    why make your child miserable (or anyone at that matter) because he (or she) doesnt fit in the image that society makes us belive is right. so, if he does it when hes 16, or when hes 3, or what ever, its his choice, and we should support, and not judge or discriminate, those who dont fit in societies mold.
    i believe in being who you really are.
    i hope this lil` man will be happy in life, how ever he chooses to dress, act, or who he loves.
    <3 😀

  • Sydney

    He’s only three, my cousin dressed in dresses and so did my brother. It’s just phase.

  • hollykim72

    personaly,i’m kind of leaning more towards it not being “just a phase”.
    often times,people like him grow up to become members of the opposite
    gender as it were.baring that,or drag queens.and no,i personaly have
    no problem with people of that nature.they can’t help the way they are.

  • Robyn

    While he’s young like isn’t sure the difference between girl stuff and boy stuff. But if it’s still happening when he gets older and he starts keeping secrets I would sit him down just to figure out what was going on. http://t.co/b5aa1H5

  • Jill

    I think that at that age its perfectly fine, that phase will pass, and soon he’ll move on to super heroes and stuff like that