Am I Depressed?

We've all been there.

Hi Heather,

I have had several crying sprees over the last few weeks. I feel moody and irritable ALL the time, I don’t think any of my friends like me and I hate the way I look. I think I’m getting paranoid too as I believe that some of my friends are trying to replace me as my BFF’s. Am I suffering from depression, or is this just normal???

Thanks to hormones, body image, peer pressure and all of those other sucky things we have to deal with, it’s normal for everyone — especially gURLs — to feel pretty lousy about themselves once in a while. While it’s possible that you might be legitimately depressed, I don’t want you to jump to that conclusion right away, because depression is a serious mental illness and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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Have you ever felt like this before, or has it just been happening lately? If you’ve been in this funk off and on for the last few weeks, then it could just be mood swings or stress. It sounds like your confidence has been pretty low, which can definitely make you feel badly about everything in your life. Like I told this gURL, try surrounding yourself with people you feel comfortable with, and doing things that always make you happy.

If nothing has made you smile lately, then you should consider talking to your parents or a school counselor. There are a lot of ways to treat depression and manage stress. Just talking to people about your problems might make you feel better.

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Keep in mind that a lot of people go through these feelings every day, and that you’re not alone. Stay strong and try to focus on the positive things in your life. Let me know if you need any more help, okay?

What about you, gURLs? Have you ever struggled with sucky emotions? What did you do? Share your tips and advice below.

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  • Sandy

    I feel like that a lot. I also have anger management problems. And I feel like I’m not a part of my family. I feel like an outsider. I know they are my biological family and they know it but do the little boys have to rub it in. And make me feel like I should have stayed in a abusive home and died in the hands of my abusers.

  • potter fan

    i feel like i look horrible, my mom smokes ALOT, my sister hates me and i am tired of being judged by people.. i also hate being compared to my twin sister because they always say like ohh yeah she is the pretty one and she is the ugly one.. is it normal to feel sad and angry in this situation or is it more serious?

  • niceaj

    i’ve been feeling this way for like 3 months straight every day. I can totally relate to this when i read this i felt like if i was the one that asked the question.