Raelyn from True Life: I’m Allergic to Everything Inspires Our Pants Off

Raelyn, courtsey of FormSpring.

As we mentioned in our last True Life post, this season includes True Life: I’m Allergic To Everything. We were lucky enough to talk to one of the stars of the episode, Raelyn, whose doctors can’t figure out what any of her triggers are.

When we interviewed Raelyn, we thought we’d come out knowing a lot more about allergies. What we didn’t except was that she would inspire our pants off. The gURL gave some amazing perspective about what it’s like to be so different, and even told us that she feels blessed to have allergies. Click on to read her story.

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  • keri f

    You all think life is bad i suffer from seizures i can have up to 5aday i take meds but it don’t matter they still happen i can’t drive or go out on my own all do to my seizure disorder

  • James Richardson

    Oh yea I’m disabled with no diagnosis. I’ve heard it’s in my head, it’s genetic, anxiety, and so on but I just want it to stop.

  • James Richardson

    Raelyn I to suffer from what you have and It started while I was serving in Afghanistan I’m down so much weight and almost dead have you found anything that helps. If so please reply. The military just made me disabled but I have kids and I want to live for but my body can’t last through this. The only difference with your symptoms and mine is when I start locking up the pain causes me to vomit. It’s to the point I can nearly breath and my wife has to check on me to verify I’m still alive when I am able to sleep. I was hoping maybe you found something I hate that my family has to suffer with me. I’m on Facebook if you do see this please let me know if you have found anything. I’m in Tucson, AZ

  • peare

    I know thats right. If a chiropractor can cure you its not a real disease. that girl was so fake all she wants is the attention. chill out so people with real problems can get help, your dad needs to man up and put a foot up your #$$ next time you pull that bs

  • O’Heir

    Was that supposed to be real or were you just messing with people? Just curious?

  • K

    I too have severe allergies that greatly limit my life. I really admire Raelyn’s courage and attitude. Even the harder things in life can cause us to grow! She is a great example of that. But I admire MTV also for handling such a sensitive subject in such a great way! KUDOS

  • Ralyn

    I’m going to be honest, i just commented on this because i think its awesome her name is raelyn, becacuse my name is ralyn. I’ve never met another *(ray-lin)* before! haha(:

  • josh pendergrass

    I’m a Physician…I have extensive experience diagnosing/treating allergic rxn…During the show Raelyn WAS NOT HAVING REAL ALLERGIC REACTIONS…she was having anxiety and totaly fake symptoms…please!!! the “episodes” were totally fake…its called MALINGERING!!!!!!

    • ashley

      you spelled totally wrong, ‘doctor’ didn’t your mother ever teach you that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

      Raelyn, you are such a strong individual, and should be so proud of yourself, you are truly an inspiration to all.

    • K

      Seriously, even if you have amazingly extensive experience it doesn’t mean you know everything. Anxiety is the catch all phrase for a doctor who should say I dont know.

  • Tasi

    OMG, what are you talking about Raelyn ? You are just ; gorgeous 🙂 Inspiring story, by the way 😀

  • riyaah

    omg realyn idek you but u are lyk the best evr!!!! i luvd ur eps of tru life!!!! and ur name is sooooo pretyy:)

  • Andy

    I watched the episode last night and I felt so scared for Raelyn. But she keeps such a positve attitude about the situtation and I thought she was so brave to eat the Chinese food even if it made her sick. I cried when she did and I smiled at her personality. Not to mention she was very, very cute. ;P

    • paulai

      I too cried when i watched her react from the take-out, she appologized to her father for reacting even tho she cant control that, she is super brave, so here i am online trying to find her facebook or contact online, so i can tell her how she inspired me, I’ve never cried from an MTV show…

  • I’ve known Rae for so long and had no idea that she suffered from such severe allergic reactions. I remember days she my bestfriend and I would sit on the bus cracking jokes on the way to school, and I couldn’t see the pain behind that bright smile of hers. After reading this article I balled, I’ve always known her to be such a strong spunky young lady. It pains me to see that she is such a struggle, but with her drive she’ll be okay. I definitely cried after reading this. Rae if your reading this, I don’t think I’ve met anyone as strong as you. 🙂

    • gg

      you didn’t know because she is faking it for sympathy. and a tv show. she has since gone to college and is fine.

  • Ellen

    I think Raelyn is amazing. She is so positive, and smart, and beautiful…. she’s like a ray of sunshine who brightens up the world. So glad she was able to share her story and hopefully help others understand what life is like with severe allergies. Rock on, Raelyn!

  • Kaylee

    I completely empathize with you! I am allergic to so many things that my doctor put on my chart to ask me what I’m NOT allergic to. I went through allergy shots, but they didn’t help enough to be noticeable. Be strong, gurl. You are an inspiration! I had steroids too, so I’ve been close to where you’re at. Keep your head up, you are beautiful!

  • Melz

    My sister has one of the things she has. sometimes if something touches her, she’ll get hives there. like, she’ll be brushing her hair and the brush just lightly touches her shoulder, red bumps like mosquito bites will show up. Also, I am allergic to…. outside. I dont know what specific plant it is, but if i go into a place with lots of trees, hay tall grass, crops, things like that, ill just get itchy all over. Claritin, you are my savior.