Discuss: Rihanna Blames Herself for Chris’ Violence

Do you think she said it?

Rihanna and Chris Brown have definitely been revealing a whole lot about their relationship through Twitter lately, which is leading everyone to wonder if the two are seriously getting back together. Rihanna only added to the gossip yesterday with another seriously controversial tweet.

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The singer allegedly wrote, “I admit, I provoked Chris to hit me. I’t was not entirely his fault. #ImSORRY” [sic]

The tweet was immediately deleted, but some fans caught the image in a screen shot. Since neither Rihanna nor Chris have commented, we don’t know if this was a hacker or if Rihanna actually wrote this. But we’re kind of hoping it was a hacker, because otherwise we really don’t understand why Rihanna would blame herself for Chris’s violence.

WDYT gURLs? Do you think Rihanna really wrote that? Are you sick of hearing about these two, already? Should they get off Twitter? Discuss below!

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  • lakeisha

    She was in love. LOVE makes you do some strange thangs. There are many women out their who have been abused and blamed themselves. She probably wrote it,and started to think”what am i doing” and deleted it. No man has the right to beat a woman, even if she started the violence. I thought Chris would be man enough to walk away then hit a woman. Disappointed.

    • kaylee

      I agree. Chris was completely out of line doing what he did,no matter if she provoked him or not. And even if she did provoke him, he shouldn’t have like bashed her face in! She’s your girlfriend for crying out loud, give her some respect.

  • Elephant

    She probabaly did provoke him but it still is his fault.

  • Cassie

    Im tired of Rihanna. end of story.

    • Ahjsha

      thank you !!! Its really getting anoying

  • Demoni

    I do think rhianna provoked him she said It on her interview when it first happened and she was hitting on him also so both were wrong he just hit her harder and if they get back together there is nothing to do to stopnthem from getting back together so it really don’t matter………I like Chris brown more than rhianna and I kind of don’t thnk he should go back with her because she tried to ruin his career but then again while she was trying to ruin his career he was getting more attention and now he is one of the best not like never was or anything 🙂

    • lakeisha

      He could have walked away. To let him and Rihanna cool off, but instead he beat her in the face and bit her ear.WTF.!


    • mia

      In the initial report it stated that he’d gotten a text from another woman and she asked him about it, he hit her and she attempted to leave, then he grabbed her, closed the car door and beat her. Who the hell would blame her for fighting back? Wouldn’t you do it, too, if some man just decided to use you as a punching bag? You call her standing up to him “provocation”. So should all women just be completely submissive to their husbands and boyfriends? I don’t think so.