Reader Hookup Confession: My Sweetie’s Dad Saw Me Naked!

Artist's rendition.

Have your parents or your sweetie’s parents ever walked in on you when you’re making out? Pretty embarrassing, right?  On the bright side, be glad that you were both still fully clothed.  Taylor102692 and her guy just weren’t that lucky. She shared her story with us in the Shout Out Boards:

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“My boyfriend lived in a condo then with his dad. I slept over that night. We didn’t have sex, but needless to say we just fell asleep naked. Just so happens his dad came home that morning (my bf told me he wouldn’t be home but I locked his bedroom door because I get paranoid) so, I hear a smack on the door, and someone jiggling the handle.

I FREAK OUT and jump into the hamper in my boyfriend’s closet, but.. my boyfriend opens the door to his room before I am completely settled. His dad walks in and sees me…huddling naked in the hamper.

But the next day, he invited me to dinner with the family and didn’t even ground my BF. One of the luckier moments of my life.”

OMG! At least she didn’t get in trouble! Have any of you gURLs ever been in a similar situation? Discuss below! And, want to share your own Confession? Send it in to!

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  • Bella40

    When I was 22 my BF’s dad “accidentally” left the door open to his bedroom. it was after we three (Dad, BF and I) had finished breakfast and my BF was gone to class.
    I was unaware of it, and as I opened the door to leave my BF’s room—
    I faced his (Dad’s) room and saw him jacking off on his bed!
    I was so embarrassed! I practically ran all the way out to my car– It was SO SHOCKING that I forgot my car keys and cell phone that my BF so sweetly put on a table in the foyer!
    Yep, I had to ring the doorbell, and lets just say I might have skipped class that morning but I was well schooled by his dad! It was so hot!
    My BF was my first, and we had been together since our freshmen year in H.S.

    I confess every one of my GF’s and our moms fantasized about him, the dad bc he was/is incredibly fit and handsome.
    The reason i still relive that day and our times thereafter is, I knew I had an above average libido and was set on saving myself just for my one&only for the rest of my life!
    Yet, I secretly masturbated to BF’s dad and it was not ANYTHING NEAR expected for Dr. _______ to ever cross that line! I don’t think he could help it bc I made sure he heard my little love squeals as much as possible. My BF was oblivious to it and I have no regrets! Daddy and I still refresh our notes and my now ex BF of course, never found out!
    It’s been years and I still enjoy visiting 😉

  • FamilyGirl

    It happened to me a couple of times my then bf dad got real hard you could see his cock go rigid in his pants, my panties went missing after the last time I found them a couple of days later with big cum stains on them, told my bf & he had words with his dad & never left me alone in his house again, needless to say we broke up couple of month after that.

  • Gina

    His dad was a real gentleman and handled the situation as tactfully as possible!

  • Ariella

    My fiance’s dad (boyfriend at the time) saw me naked while i was giving him a blow job. It was so awkward!

    • Anastasia 17

      Oh my gosh! hah What did his dad say??

  • stAr

    his dad prolly thought his son was getting some and was proud of him for it.

    • Katherine

      true that :L

  • Kharaline

    I would have never went around his house again!

  • Emarenda

    wat kind of dad is he? freakin

  • Angela

    i would have died immediately

  • kt

    naked he saw you naked man that would of been like so awkward so sorry for ya

  • Ayla

    Geez! Atleast its better than getting in trouble! It mustve been soooooooooooooo awkward!

  • Harmony-Ann-Nikkita

    Damn , his dad didnt care .. maybe he is like a pervert …. needless to say if that would have happen to me id be in trouble

    • aelx :)

      ya i would have been deep dish

  • chante

    i would have been totally humiliated and be so nervous around his dad

    • Theresa

      Why, Chante, his dad was not judgmental and behaved like a true gentleman.

  • Autumn

    oh god i would’ve been so humiliated!!!

  • Mia

    O Wow Lol.

  • laur

    I’ve had a similar situation.. one time my friend and I were hooking up in his back yard and I was in my bra and underwear and his mom walked out.. it was the most embarrassing thing. we though she was asleep /:

  • aelx :)

    lolz nice story. at least u and ur BF didnt get into trouble

  • Lauren

    Wow! He is Probably Scared for LIFE! Lol Jk But u Didnt get in trouble?!?!? THATS AMAZING!

  • alli

    mhmmm.. DAYUMM GURRLLL your skin sweater!

    • ANT

      mhmmm! i hear yaa 😉 daaayyym

  • Amanda

    that is soooooooo embarassing!

  • Lakeisha

    Wow! I would have never went around the bf’s dad anymore. It would have been akward. 🙂

    • Jade

      I bet his dad was like “HOT” (In his mind) ;]

      • FamilyGirl

        yeah maybe
        so you would like that to happen to you & turn on your bf dad ?