Discuss: Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

So many celebs stand for gay marriage. Do you?

Right now, the New York State Senate is voting on whether marriage equality (aka same-sex marriage) should be legalized. The bill could be passed as early as this week, and New Yorkers of all kinds — gay, straight, famous or not — are joining together to make sure their message is heard.

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Check out what New Yorkers for Marriage Equality has put together with the Human Right Campaign:

What do you think, gURLs? Should gay marriage be legalized? Why are you for or against it? Discuss below.

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  • Briana

    My religion doesn’t support gays but i totally do. Everyone deserves love

  • jessa

    i believe that my brother deserves the right to marry whomever he wants. if a person doesn’t like people who are committed to someone of the same gender, then they should just turn the other cheek. everyone deserves the right to love who they want. people need to get over their own prejudices and let love live. i love my brother for who he is, and my whole family accepts him and his boyfriend. there shouldn’t be something questioning gay rights, because that means that not everyone is actually entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality. i love you big brother 🙂

  • Eriin

    yeahh there iis nopthiing wrong with tht its just liike a girl and a guy getting married juss the same sex, god put ppl one thiis earth so ppl can get married and liive there liive, iif theres not a rule tht gays should not get married then dnt worry about iit =!!! tht person can do wht ever he or she wantes to do!!

  • Alexis.

    I hate gay people . their voices are annoying . DIE GAYS!!

    • jessa

      ever think that maybe you have a very annoying voice? you know, not all gay people have a “gay voice.” everywhere you go you can run into someone who is gay and not even know it. do you find lesbian voices annoying? because they sound just like other girls. people like you don’t deserve the right to speak, because you obviously don’t have an accepting bone in you body. grow up learn that love is love.

      sincerely, the girl who’s brother you just wished dead.

    • Lissette

      wtf what the hell is wrong with you. how could you wish anyone to DIE?! you are a horrible person and that is just the stereotypical gay. there are many gays who you wouldnt even think would gay because they dress like a straight guy. if you hate gays so much it makes me question your sexuality. maybe you are lesbian and you are trying to hide your sexuality by hating on gays. you are a sick a person. they dont deserve to die! they were born that way you idiot! its not their fault. you are a total hater. you disgust me and practically everyone else. alexis.

    • brittany

      alexis what is wrong with you? You must of been dropped on your had as a child. That’s such a horrible thing to say. Grow up, gays are still people. That’s like me saying annoying girls who need to grow up and get over themselves go die.

  • i like mangoz

    totally i think its okay i mean like why is it such a big deal if they get married its their descion and its notlike its bad or something sometimes i think they should worry about the real problems in America then gay marriage

  • Savannah

    Gay marriage should totally be legal. Gay’s have a feeling there only attraced to the same sex, that’s them. People who say no, are basically saying they can’t be who they want to be. Have you ever been told, “be yourself, don’t let anybody stop you?” yeah, that’s what there doing. All this stuff about gay marriage, is stupid. Why can’t a per son be who they are without someone standing there and saying no!?

  • Genesis

    yes i do think that gay marriage should be legalized. honestly, i think it should be legal everywhere. i’m a lesbian myself and i would love to be happily married in the future. i also think that gay couples should be allowed to adopt. everyone deserves to be happy. it’s ridiculous how straight people discriminate against gay people. it’s like white people discriminating against blacks. again, it’s ridiculous!

  • Morgan

    I like that so many people who commented wrote yes.

  • Alex

    I think that it should be legal, because some people say that it isnt right and that it is a sin. But its their choice and we shouldnt stand in their way. We wouldnt want someone stopping us from being with the one we love if the “right” way was gay marriage. Would we?

  • Valerie

    Gay marriage should totally be legal. Everybody should be able to be with who they love legally.

  • Chloe

    ALL . FOR . IT . 100 PERCENT !
    Love should be encouraged , not boundarized !
    Who cares if ”boundarized” isn’t a word ?! Its EXACTLY How I feel ! 😀 😛

  • Athena

    Yea, of course it should be legal. Its not like same sex couples are a legit threat to society or something, they just want to have access to the same rights as other people have, which is completely fair.

  • monyca

    plain and simple

  • ashauni

    I’m engaged with a fenale and yes it should be becuz we are very much in love and sould have that option 2b together 4ever!

  • me

    Why not? I think that if it doesn’t affect anyone else, who cares? I’m pro-gay, simply because I don’t care what other people do.

  • Alysha

    Of course gay marriage should be legal

  • Taylor

    Gay marrage should be legal, who says who you can and cannot love?

  • Harriet

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about, to be honest.
    It’s not going to destroy society, the only thing that will change is that LGBT people will get married.
    We’ve had gay marriage here in the UK for years and nothing bad has come of it.
    Homophobia is completely ridiculous.

  • Arianna Star Marie

    I do believe that gay marriage should be legal because who are you to say who can love eachother enough to want to be married ?. Love shows no gender and its unfair for gays to be restricted from getting married . The USA is supposed to stand for freedom of the people , so they should be allowed to if straight people are . Not letting them is just like racism against african americans . Its wrong . You dont have to agree with gays , you dont have to be gay , you really dont have to care at all , but it is their choice and not letting them is taking that choice away from them which is not right nor justice . -Arianna Star Marie .

  • Brenna

    Yes, i think gay marriage should be legal. I mean, have you guys ever met a gay guy? Theyre so nice! my friend is a lesbian and is like the most amazing person ever.