Discuss: Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

So many celebs stand for gay marriage. Do you?

Right now, the New York State Senate is voting on whether marriage equality (aka same-sex marriage) should be legalized. The bill could be passed as early as this week, and New Yorkers of all kinds — gay, straight, famous or not — are joining together to make sure their message is heard.

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Check out what New Yorkers for Marriage Equality has put together with the Human Right Campaign:

What do you think, gURLs? Should gay marriage be legalized? Why are you for or against it? Discuss below.

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  • KitKat

    I loved what was said “Equality is not Equality if it doesn’t apply to everyone” (Or something like that 😉
    But really! I’m so overjoyed that it was passed, and all those couples were able to express their love!

  • jaclyn

    yes it should be legal everyone should be able to love and be with whoever they choose no matter the gender or race or anything like that, we are all just people! and i wish more people would see it that way. also if you are against it thats ok to but theres no need for the harsh comments! and another thing is being gay isn’t hurting anyone and it never will, so therefore i don’t see why people have such a problem with it, and yes i realize some people are trying to point out it will cut our population down, it won’t because not everyone is gay! well thats my opinion, equality=peace n love <3 🙂