Reader Confession: I Peed in a Tanning Bed!

don’t think about running water…

You know how some people are amazing illustrators, while other people can’t draw a stick figure to save their lives? Sometimes it’s hard to understand how easily someone can do something when it’s impossible for you. Take amarie123095 for example, who shared this story in the Shout Out Boards:

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“Has anyone ever peed in a stand up tanning bed ? I did by accident of course, I had to pee soooo bad and when your standing there NAKED its a little hard to get dressed and find a bathroom.”

See? Standing up for 10 minutes without peeing — not that simple! Have any funny stories about not being able to hold it in? Discuss below! And, want to share your own Confession? Send it in to!

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  • savannah

    I admit.. I’ve peed in the trashcan before, but I have always been embarrassed about it enough to take the bag and throw it in the dumpster out back, and salon owners still got pissed at me. It’s hard because the psychological signal of having no cloths on makes u realize you gotta pee and by that time its too late to hurry and get dressed.

  • Sheila

    I am embarrassed to admit it but I have peed in a trash can at the tanning salon! I have a bladder issue and just cannot hold it when I have to go. I however tied up the bag and brought it with me in my purse and threw it away at home. I was SO embarrassed but I am going back to the salon today….hopefully nobody knew I did it….

  • amanda

    thats such a funny story. i laughed so much. to all three or four that are on here. i think the spelling mistakes are worse though.

  • Ayla

    Geez Im sorry well atleast its over and you wil never see the tanning bed lady again!

  • Kayleigh

    don’t feel that embarrassed, i had something worse happen to me, i was playing hide and seek with a bunch of friends in the mall, me and my friend went into roots their was tons of people in their, i told people i had to pee really bad but no one would come with me, and i didnt have a cell phone so i wouldnt know where everone was, so i just had to hold it in. Then when we were in roots, i kneld down to hold in my pee and it slipped out pepole were staring at me in discused.. i was sooo embarrased, then i went over to my friend and told her then we ran to the washroom across the other side of the mall with pee driping down my legs, so many people were looking at me i wanted to shrink, then when we went to the bathroom, i took off my pants and my friend said shed dry them and my undies.. but i said its okay, so she dried my pants, but i went out with my undies on and dried them on the dryer, no one was in until 3:00 when people suddenly had a giant urge to pee -__- and see me their in my undies with my butt under the dryer.. i personally feel bad for the person who had to clean up my pee at roots :$

    • asdfghjkl

      im… really sorry for u. but still, XD

  • Chloe

    Ew , wow , and ick , Ellie !

  • cc

    I was at a party and i was having a blast. and a guy was telling jokes a laught so hard i pee my self and was waering my skirt.

  • Sorry Ellie, but that is disgusting. haha

  • Rhianna

    Sorry Ellie, but that is disgusting..

  • karly

    i had went to a pool party once and i had to use the bathroom but my mom and friends were rushing me. and when i got there as soon as i got there some of my guy friends picked me up and took me to there back yard and threw me in the pool since i was already in the pool i was like i might as well go pee in the pool . but thats not only it the pee turned BLUE . lOl i Tryed to swim away very fast before people noticed but my bathing suit had pee in it and it followed i was so embarssed 😉

    • Sera

      I’m so sorry but LOL. That had to be horrible!

    • Genn

      um… not true. The pee dye is a myth. Look it up.

  • Kortney

    I actually work at a tanning salon, and a few of my customers have taken to peeing in the trash cans. I can understand having an emergency and really needing to go, but the majority of the people who do it are just nasty and disgusting. It might seem like a good idea at the time, but no one takes time to consider the people who have to clean it up afterwards.

  • Katie

    I’ve peed in some ridiculous places.
    I’m currently in Europe, where public drinking is allowed/encouraged. We were in Germany, pregaming on our way to the club we were going to, and we were all pretty damn drunk. My friend and I really had to pee, but sadly, there were no bathrooms in this underground station. We were about to miss our train, so my friend and I just had to suck it up and sit on the train. Well, I was starting to pee my pants (er, dress) because I had to go so bad. So my friend and I found an empty car of the train, luckily found a coffee cup and a can in the car, and peed in the cups. We were about to pee on the seats, but luckily, before beginning, we found those cups. Someone would’ve been really not happy. So we put the coffee lid back on the coffee cup, and brought the cups outside and set them down somewhere. Someone is going to have a fun time with that.

  • ellie

    YOu may have peed in a tanning bed but I pooped in one once. I couldnt open the door and the smell of heated up poop made me vomit all over myself! then i lost it! I screamed for the owner to open up but nobody ever heard me! The worst part was that my tan was uneven because the vomit and poop puddles stopped the light from reaching parts of my body.

    • Alli

      now THAT is gross!

      • emily

        you have got that right awtousand times yes

    • MsDesi

      Ellie! That story doesn’t even sound real!

    • yasmin gennie cole

      dats da nastiest thing i eva heard in my life how do u sleep at night knowing you soiled your self nd messed up da tannin bed dude dats crazy :p

    • mackie brown c.

      omigosh! how do u live wit da fact dat u relieved yoself in a tannin bed! did u say anything 2 da ppl dat had 2 clean it up? they probly thought u wuz crazy or somtin! just da thouht of it
      makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Crystal

        That’s just disgusting. I’m serious, I mean, surely it’s better to go before you get in or get up and grab a towel or summit and go to the loo. That’s horrible.