Amber Portwood Is Headed To Rehab

Amber's gonna be okay!

After her attempted suicide, we can’t say we’re very surprised to hear that Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is going to rehab. But we are really relieved to hear that the reality star is getting herself help and not ignoring her problems.

|Going through something tough also? Let it out on the Shout Out Boards.| reports that Amber has commented on the situation saying, “I am going to rehab for anger control issues and depression. I’m on medication at the moment and to just help me relax. I’m in a vulnerable state right now and I know people want a lot of answers.”

Amber appeared to attempt suicide a few weeks ago when two cops found her unconscious in her house with a rope loosely tied around her neck. She’s been in a stable condition since then, and hopefully rehab will be the best thing for her. We hope she gets better and comes out stronger (a la Demi Lovato), for herself and baby Leah.

Got any words of support for Amber and gURLs in her position? Have you been there? Talk about it below.

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  • Chris

    Ok first off people need to let amber put her life back together and stop judginh. Everyone deserves another chance. Yes, she fucked up but shes trying to change that. But my point is that Demi Lovato’s little rehab thing is not the same as Amber’s situation. Amber has a child and real responsibilities so i believe she has a lot more on her shoulders than Demi. People can call that harsh or whatever its just the truth. When your a mother you have more responsibilities than a typical teenager, obviously.

  • lakeisha

    I am so happy she is getting help. Also, this will give her a chance to work on her anger issues. Wish you allthe best, Leah, Gary, and Amber.

  • gabbiazz

    shep is a horrible mother!! and to think she would leave her child alone without a mother for the rest of her life shows that.. she just doesnt know how to handkle anything and she is just a bad person!