Rise Against Takes a Stand Against Bullying

Seriously powerful stuff.

Bullying sucks. Obviously. But what sucks even more is when people don’t do anything to stop it. It’s easy enough to not be a bully, but to stand up against bullies? That takes courage.

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And that’s why we <3 Rise Against for teaming up with the It Gets Better project  to draw some attention to suffering gURLs and guys out there.

Their new video, “Make It Stop (September’s Children),” features encouraging words from a bunch of different “It Gets Better” videos.

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Check it out below:

What do you think of the video? What about the song? Are you a fan of Rise Against? Discuss!

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  • Brin

    I love rise against anyway, because their music sounds great and their lyrics are powerful, but when they put out make it stop i liked them even more. It’s always great when a good band takes a stand against a serious problem.

  • C

    I LOVE Rise Against and the fact that they have made this video makes them all the more better.


    I really agree that bulyling has become a serious problem for what I saw the result. About someone who has suffered bulyling for many years, and ended up cashing in innocent. I’m from Brazil, this case happened a year ago, in Rio de Janeiro. Like many cases that occur almost daily in the United States. This is what comes of ignoring a simple divine commandment: Love your neighbor as yourself.

  • kumiko

    i got bullied by a guy i use to be in a relationship with, he use to threaten me and tell people my secrets that i told him, it was horrible and when i told my guidance counselor she made it even worst i was really considering suicide but then the bullying stopped and he started being nice and telling me he likes me again but i didnt fall for it

  • Tareah Davis

    I have a challenge for u all. On ur Facebook make groups of anti bullying sharing stories and reaching out to ppl. And on ur twitter try to get ppl to RT (retweet) ur tweets about bullying. together we can change the world!!!!

  • savannah

    Bullying Is Something That Should Be Stopped EVERYWHERE! no matter the case. I watched the movie “Cyberbully”. & it’s message was most very powerful! people need to stopsaying & doing mean & hurtful things. most people only do it because of THIER insucurities!(: thank youuuu!<3
    add me!:)

  • Michelle

    I too have suffered from bullying. What really sucks is when there was this one time that some classmates were making racist jokes about my heritage, and even while the teacher was close enough to hear what was going on and know I was getting upset by this, she stood by and pretended like nothing was happening. When authority starts to ignore and turn their heads on bullying…that’s just sad.

  • i like mangoz

    Bullying is terrible i hate it i have been bullyed and i think the worst people are the ones that dont do anything when theys ee someone get bullied thats why if i see someone crying i try to hto help them, im just saying those bullies are really lucky that im petite.

    • Amanda

      Oh they know they’re hurting you. At least the autdls who cyber bully do. Tell all you want, cops don’t care to hear about adult on adult bullying. And it was an adult who drove Megan Meier to kill herself. Because the autdls didn’t want to believe autdls do this sort of thing. Not to kids, and certainly not to other autdls. And Megan didn’t have to die. There was a solution posed in 2001 that would have made a difference for her,.

  • Nicole

    The other day I saw a movie called “Cyberbullying” and it was actually a true story and it was sad that in real life the girl actually killed herself but it shows a true story that people feel alone at times and need someone on their side. Kids who get bullied feel like no one is there on their side. And at times they might feel alone, I have even felt that way but I realized everyone has someone or should have someone to go to and someone who they can trust telling them anything. Im always here if anyone needs to talk to someone, your not alone.

    • Tipperdees

      hihi ..guys..i think bullying is a rellay serious problem in this society..i rellay want to stay equally ..no matter what is ur culture .what is your colour ,what is ur relagion ,we all in same world..why we are can’t stay happy, even the wars ..!! it make me sad ..!!

  • G.T.

    As a victim of bullying, and seeing this video, it touches me to see that there are people who are doing something to make all the bullying stop. It’s so hurtful and too see those videos where they say it gets better makes me so much more hopful. kids are mean, and bullying is such a major distraction at school for us. And sucide is becoming so often now. But it does get better, and people need to see that.

  • Brianna

    this video was very inspirational to me how these kids go through all this i would have stand up to those bullys and saved the kids who was hurting, this song really got to the core of the reason. My issue is why nobody helpring them in the video they just stand there and watch this going on and did nothing abot it.I been bully for a while now I learn how to fight back, people who hurt and damage other will get theirs one day. You have to be strong and help other who are going through the same thing and have a voice speak up to them don’t be a shame of who you are it’s not wrong it’s you god love evrbody so don’t think one second of taking that life he gave you fight for your life and don’t let people tell you other wise. love and peace

  • i got bullied through out my whole life and im turning 11 and i switched schools because i tried suicide but in the school im in now the kids still bully me and nobody does anything when they see or hear me cry in the bathroom.

    • G.T.

      That’s not right. If it’s still going on as severly as it seems, talk to your teachers. It gets better though.

  • kayla

    i got bullied so badly i had to switch schools and then at my new school i saw a kid get beat up for being a homophobe, which I kow wasn’t right but thinking of all my homosexual friends all I could think was “he is getting his karma” even though he deserved it I should have got them to stop

  • lorianne

    I loved that vidio! It touched me. I have high functioning autism so I have been bullyed my whole life. I know how hard and miserable it is.

  • Hayley

    I love the It Gets Better project. Things like this video show yeah it can suck, but it will get better no matter what anyone else says now.

  • Taylor

    This is awesome, I’m going to repost this, I hate bullying! I have always stood up for people who were bullied, words can most deffinatly hurts others. Bullying needs to stop here, there has been so many people who has killed themselves over it.

  • Lola

    I like Rise Against. I guess it’s because their so powerful with their songs…but also because of this. I was bullied for a while and it REALLY does suck. You feel like you can’t tell anyone because the bullying might get worse, but you want to tell because it’s just a terrible feeling. One time I went into the bathroom and someone wrote in big letters on the back of a bathroom stall in permeante marker, “Lola is a Whore!”. I cried for like an hour because I didn’t even know anyone who hated me, and it turned out to be one of my closest “friends”. She turned all my friends against me, making up rumors about me and making them believe it was true…she confessed she never liked me on Facebook and was pretending. She would cyber bully me and call me a whore on facebook and if I told anyone she would “destroy me” and I knew she had friends who would kill me or beat me up (they were older boys who were just mean). So I had to deal with it for about two months of seeing more things written and a lot more stuff like rumors…then I moved, blocked them on Facebook, and deleted them from my life. I’m much better. But I realized I should have told…for all people being bullied, TELL SOMEONE. It’s MUCH more easier. And, it DOES get better. One day, you’ll be their boss. Then, THEY’LL be sucking up to you.