Discuss: Bristol Palin Was Drunk When She Lost Her Virginity

Before they split.

At this point, the whole world is aware that Bristol Palin lost her virginity to Levi Johnston. What we didn’t know: She lost it while she was drunk.

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In her new autobiography, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far,  Bristol shares that after a night of drinking wine coolers on a camping trip with Levi and some friends, she woke up unable to even remember what had happened. According to Us Weekly, she and Levi decided they wouldn’t have sex again until they were married. But they broke their own rule, and a few months (and eight home-pregnancy tests) later, the gURL found out she was pregnant.

Her baby daddy’s reaction? Only that it “better be a f***ing boy.” On top of that drama, Bristol also found out that Levi was cheating on her and that he got another gURL pregnant, too.

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What do you think of Bristol’s story? Do you feel bad for her? Are you a fan of hers? Will you ready her book? Leave a comment and share your thoughts below.

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  • Angela

    She chose to get drunk. If she wanted to be responsible I don’t think she should have allowed herself to black out and be raped by her boyfriend! Also, why would she want to be with somebody like that? Obviously he has no respect for her! I just wonder if she knew he was that type of guy. How old was she when this happened because I’m pretty sure you have to be 21 to drink legally in the United States…

  • “Don’t Trip”

    She did what she did. And that’s that. And you guys are rude to bad mouth her. People do stupid crap. And that’s what she did. Leave her alone. Obviously she learned from It and the consequence was a baby. And that’s not really a punishment. As long as she can take care of her child and Is a good mother. That’s all that matters. And whatever we’re saying on this “Comment Box”. Really doesn’t matter to her. So saying mean things to her through this of all things won’t do anything or make her feel bad… 🙂

  • Ariey

    Okay she is so dumb like your virginity was not stolen from you. You werent raped, you were simply sloppy drunk and couldnt remember anything. He may have taken advantage of it but Im sure you had some action in it and what if he was drinking too? Like no this is insensitive to girls who actually were raped and could do nothing about it. She was just too drunk and made some mistakes.

  • Cheyenne

    She was not stolen away from. She chose to.
    She choose to get drunk. She wants everyone to feel bad for her.

    • Ariey


      • Marie


  • Now that’s a dysfunctional life she’s had…I guess I could pity her. The only thing I envy is her fame, but otherwise…

  • Lola

    I feel sorry for her, because a lot of teens sadly face this, where they don’t even remember what happened. Most teens talk about their first times being “special” and “romantic”, when half of the time they lose their virginity in a car or on a camping trip. She was a Christian girl with a very Republic mom, who obviously didn’t care about proper sexual education. My mom told me all about sex…considering mine mother lost her’s when she was 17 to her boyfriend (no, I am not the outcome of it LOL, I was born about 13 years later) and they didn’t last, obviously. No teen pregnancy relationships last, honestly. Some do, but not most. The guy normally isn’t even in love with the girl, and he only marries her because it’s “the right thing”. My mom told me about how I should tell her if I’m going to have sex in my teens, because she wants to make sure I don’t get pregnant and get proper protection. Teens need to get educated, or they’ll turn out like Janelle or something from Teen Mom.

  • Harriet

    Surely this all proves that the rightwing Christians’ ideas about abstinence do not work!
    Teenagers are going to have sex, no matter if their parents/teachers/church leaders tell them to wait ’til marriage or not.
    Situations like this could be easily avoided if young people were given access to proper sex eduacation and easy access to contraception. I mean, she had to use a HOME-MADE pregnancy test, that’s insanity.
    I do feel bad for her, despite my intense hatred for her mother and everything she stands for. Bristol Palin is yet another tragic product of a fanatically religious and conservative society that needs to quickly start facing reality before reality bites it on the ass.

    • Pepper

      It’s wrong to say that teenagers are going to have intercourse. There are actually teenagers who practice abstinence. Also, abstinence is not a Christian idea, this idea is also present in other belief systems. Had she not have a boyfriend to have intercourse with, or alcohol to not remember the whole experience, then she would’ve not been placed in such situation. But, abstinence fails sometimes because teenagers are sexually-active and there is no solution to that problem, especially if there is a lot of temptation around. Different belief systems have different solutions to the problem, though.

    • Ris

      “Home-pregnancy test” is just the test you take at home. She did not make her own test.