Video: Emma Roberts Gives Awesome Advice, Admits She’s Obsessed with The Sims

The face of a Sims addict.

First, it was Emma Stone and Farmville. Now it’s The Art of Getting By star Emma Roberts and The Sims. How much do you love hearing about celebs getting nerdy?

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Anyway, gURL talked to Emma and her co-star Freddie Highmore about a lot more than geekery. The two shared great advice about growing up, accepting yourself, falling in love and all that good stuff.

Watch it here:

What do ya think? Like their advice? Relate to Em’s obsessions? And are you gonna see The Art of Getting By? And enter our fancy $100 giveaway? Discuss!

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  • Elle

    I can relate SIMS 3 RULES!

  • Crystal

    I love The Sims!!!!

  • Billy

    The Sims is dope.

  • Taylor

    The Sims is awesome, love it, can’t get enough, hahaha. 😀